Pipex Credit Card Surcharge

  Taff™ 10:37 18 May 2008

Has any other Pipex customer received notification of a £1 surcharge for payments by credit card? I received and e-mail on 1st May exactly 10 working days before my next payment.

"As a result of routine checks we have discovered that recently you have not been receiving the monthly fee for paying your bill using a credit card. This was an oversight on our part due to a system issue therefore we will NOT charge you for any previous unbilled monthly fees. This system issue has now been resolved and you will shortly receive your next bill which will now also include the £1.00 fee for paying by credit card."

I have looked back to 2002 when I upgraded to the Pipex Broadband from it`s dial up service and there is no mention of a surcharge payment. If I remember correctly, the only way you could upgrade at the time was to use a credit card.

I have logged into "My Account" on Pipex and printed off the Terms and Conditions - There is no mention of a surcharge for credit card payments. I have also checked out the T&C`s for new sign ups click here (Note the Name of the PDF) Could this be an attempt by Tiscali to "Combine" their T&C`s with Pipex and sting long term Pipex customers?

  Forum Editor 10:47 18 May 2008

to a number of factors, but the point is they've done it, and you have no option but to pay up.....or vote with your wallet, and move elsewhere.

All ISPs reserve the right to vary the terms and conditions of service at any time, and this undoubtedly gets covered in that way.

  Taff™ 11:02 18 May 2008

I`m sure you`re right about varying their T&C`s in this manner and the obvious way to avoid the surcharge is to switch to Direct Debit. I was really looking to draw other Pipex users attention to this and see if others have experienced this.

The manner in which they are doing it also irks me somewhat. The notification was a) At the latest possible moment to be 10 working days prior to my next payment - I think thats a voluntary code of conduct related to Direct Debit Guarantee b) Not worded in a manner relevant to my current contract. c) Requires you to phone their Customer Services at 10p a minute to arrange a DD.

I successfully managed to obtain a repayment of £25 last month for the delays in response on their customer support line! There is an alternative landline number at normal rates however.

  spuds 13:13 18 May 2008

As a long standing customer of Tiscali, who as a credit card payment 'standing arrangement' with Tiscali and my card provider, I have not been notified of any surcharges that are due by using this arrangement, so I will keep my eye on this one. Mainly because I am going through a rather bad relationship with Tiscali at present.

Regarding their Code of Practise and possibly Terms and Conditions, I find a number of abnormalities in those two documents, and I wonder if 'unfair contract' would apply.

Its alright the FE stating about "vote with your wallet", but in most cases nowadays, doing just that doesn't always resolve the problem. In fact it may provide an even bigger headache.

  Taff™ 14:09 18 May 2008

Now that is interesting! So you pay Tiscali by credit card on a monthly basis and presumably you have never had an identifiable surcharge for paying by this method? Would you say that you pay exactly the same as any other person on the same tariff? What is Tiscali`s code of practice, can you give me a link to it.

The trouble here is that I have always been billed by Pipex Internet Ltd and although they have taken over Pipex you might expect some differences in the T&C`s.

  spuds 15:48 18 May 2008

I use to have a Lineone account that was paid through BT Surftime. This was then changed over to Tiscali at the time of merger with Lineone and Tiscali. The credit card 'standing arrangement' was set up by Tiscali and my credit card provider, at Tiscali's suggestion. This arrangement allows Tiscali to have payments for services of the internet, and perhaps more so since I now have Tiscali as the telephone service provider, and each telephone call within certain times might be chargeable, other times they are perhaps free on certain routes.

There as never been any surcharges imposed on this 'using of credit card' arrangement, as yet!. If they start charging a monthly fee for using a credit card, then I will transfer to a more convenient method suitable to myself, or take other considerations into view.

Tiscali T&C click here

Tiscali Code of Practice click here

Both above are a little heavy reading, as all documents of this type, usually are.

  TopCat® 17:30 18 May 2008

Pipex broadband to include their phone call package. That was around a couple of years or so now and is why I changed to direct debit. TC.

  Taff™ 17:47 18 May 2008

Hi spuds and TopCat® - very interesting. I hope FE is watching the thread. By the way, I have Pipex Homecall set up separately as the Phone Provider by Direct Debit which is linked to the Pipex Broadband (price wise) to give me the rate I currently pay.

  anchor 12:05 19 May 2008

As FE stated: All ISPs reserve the right to vary the terms and conditions of service.

Also, we as customers have the right to change to another ISP. Pipex are far from the cheapest around, and I consider it unfair of them to ask for more, when using the most common form of payment. Do other ISP`s make this surcharge?.

I have been with Pipex for some years, and have not received, (yet), any notification of a C/C surcharge.

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