Pipex - Are the lazy, liars or incompetent???

  Martin12 21:31 27 Nov 2007

I have been with Pipex for 3 years and with an 8meg connection speed over the last year with no problems, consistantly achieving 6-7meg.

However recently in the evening and weekends I have been only getting 300/400 KBS, some 5% of the paid for Service.
I have spoken to Pipex Tech Support and they say this is "perfectly acceptable", as the exchange is throttling the Service to distribute the connection speed. They refused to do a line check as this is what"they would expect".
He stated that 300k is accecptable via BT policy on connection speed, is this correct?
Has anyone else having this problem?

  TopCat® 22:35 27 Nov 2007

Tiscali takeover my speeds have gradually dropped away. I've been getting really low speeds for around two weeks now - I'm on the 'up to 8Mbs' package but now struggle to reach 2Mbs, no matter what time of day, or week, I try. I've previously enjoyed a steady 3.5Mbs which, according to BT, is the around the maximum my old line can take, but the speeds have definitely dropped off now.

Done several BT speedtests which test out the connection and line speeds from the house, through the exchange and out on to Pipex's servers. They confirm my low speeds. I've been in touch with Pipex Support but was given the run-around this time so I'll be moving from them when my contract ends next January. Looking hard at Talk-Talk's packages right now. TC.

  Border View 23:30 27 Nov 2007

Just seen the same posting in Helproom. Respectfully suggest you limit your posting to one or the other.

  wolfie3000 04:28 28 Nov 2007

Many moan at AOL but when i got my speed upgrade to 8MB iv never had speed problems,

I can constantly get speeds of 7150MB and never has dropped below that even at weekends and the evenings.

Maybe you should think about AOL.

  harps1h 10:22 28 Nov 2007

look at adsl24 they are rock solid speeds and connections.

  jack 10:54 28 Nov 2007

Surely service speed are as much to do with provider popularity as exchange /line conditions in any particular area!
The more popular/heavier membership the service
the more loading on line/exchange equipment/servers.
My ISP is pretty consistent- it is perhaps not the most popular - So I wont let on who it is -
Don't want you lot queering my pitch

  Confab 13:22 28 Nov 2007

Can you run this and tell me what you get

click here

  astra46 13:44 28 Nov 2007

Mine is 561

Im on Pipes Midi 8mb

  anchor 14:11 28 Nov 2007

1853, for my Pipex 2Mb connection.

  Spark6 15:14 28 Nov 2007

6145 TalkTalk3 International.

  john bunyan 17:04 28 Nov 2007

Also with Pipex for 10 years + with dial up and 6 broadband. I was on "extreme solo" at 1Mb achieving around .870M. Paying £24 a month like an idiot -albeit on one months notice. They wanted me to switch to a years contract on the cheaper but faster 8MB service but in view of everyones comments I think I'll switch to Zen - also one month notice and they predict about 6Mb on my line (Nominal 8Mb)

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