Pinnacle 11 Plus can I return this?

  SteveWH 23:26 12 Dec 2007

I bought this awful video editing programme today £69.99 from PC World after the simplicity and power of Windows Movie Maker this is a nightmare and it seems to be designed to just suck your money out of your pockets. All bar a few fairly basic trasitions and effects have to be unlocked by purchasing a key for a full pack £49.99!!!

I always regret not coming here and asking advice first :-(

  Totally-braindead 23:30 12 Dec 2007

I don't know if they will take it back or not, when I buy games the shops usually say that they will not replace it unless its faulty. I would assume PCW would say the same with your program.

  SteveWH 23:37 12 Dec 2007

Totally-braindead, I pretty much thought so guess I'll just have to suck it up.

Second question can anyone reccomend a decent simple to use video editing programme that will edit WMV files?

  Totally-braindead 23:42 12 Dec 2007

Not being funny here, I don't have this program myself, but could you be missreading the message?
What I am wondering is if this is installed as a trial of some sort and only gives you full access when either you enter the serial number or when you register it.
Appologies if I'm wrong but £69.99 seems a lot for a program that has most of the stuff disabled as you say yours is.

  SteveWH 23:57 12 Dec 2007

This is a full programme it comes with 6 packs of transitions, there are three other volumes of 25 packs each the first two £49.99 each to activate the third £66.

  MCE2K5 00:05 13 Dec 2007

When you Register the Program With Pinnacle, You get sent to your Email address a Passport Number & Activation Keys to Unlock the Locked Bits.

  MCE2K5 00:06 13 Dec 2007

Also Steve, Don't Forget to Print Out Your Passport & Activation Keys (Lost mine First I Registered).

  MCE2K5 00:21 13 Dec 2007

click here to see what all 3 Versions can do individually, I think you will greatly impressed at what this program can do, It takes time to learn, But you'll get there. I have got Versions 3 through to 9 (I'd like V11, have to see what santa brings)

  SteveWH 00:41 13 Dec 2007

MCE2K5, Thanks for the encouragement having paid for it I'll have to learn how to use it seems to be a pretty steep learning curve though.

I have registered, I got just one key for a Dream glow effect most other effects like transitions have to be paid for and not cheep either.

I just hate seeing all that functionality on the menus most of which has a treasure chest icon meaning you have to pay more for this.

I find it annoying in the extreme why didn't they just include what comes with the programme and leave the rest on the website as optional extras better yet why not include them in the perchase price.

I haven't worked it out but it runs to £200 - £300 on top of the £70 purchase price if you unlock eveything. Not to mention all that space taken up on MY hardisk with stuff I can't afford.

  SteveWH 00:58 13 Dec 2007

Just did add it all up obviusly you don't have to buy all this but why should it be sitting on the menus and on my hardisk and those fantiastic films you can make are they possible only by beggering myself.

Sorry I seldom post but this has made me angry (I don't know if I should be so (maybe this is the way these programmes work) but I am here is the price list:

Pinnacle Premium Content

Hollywood FX Volume 1 £ 49.99

Hollywood FX Volume 2 £ 49.99

Premium Pack Volume 1 £ 49.99

Hollywood FX Volume 3 £ 66.66

RTFX Mega £ 67.99 RTFX MEGA pack

RTFX Plus £ 33.99A dd exciting visual effects to your video productions

RTFX Volume 2£ 49.99 Enhance your video productions with professional-level...

Total = £369

  SteveWH 00:59 13 Dec 2007

sorry so fired up I didn't spell check ;-)

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