Pinball for Vista?

  ened 16:54 24 Mar 2008

My wife is disappointed that her new Vista Laptop doesn't have the Pinball game that was on XP.

Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain this or a suitable free version.

I would order a copy from Amazon but they don't mention whether they will play on Vista or not.

I have been looking but so far cannot find any links apart from demo versions.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  rdave13 17:07 24 Mar 2008

Have a look here, click here

  ened 17:09 24 Mar 2008

I'm going to give that a try now

  pc613 17:23 24 Mar 2008

Only vista one I can find is crazy chicken pinball at

click here

  sunny staines 17:25 24 Mar 2008

someone here did ages ago on the forum which worked, i printed it somewhere if the rdave option fails i will look it out and post it

  ened 18:36 24 Mar 2008

The link from rdave13 workked like a dream.

I have dowmloaded it and tried it on my machine.

Someone queried the legitimacy but I'm sure it is okay because we both have XPpro discs.

The only problem was I didn't know how to extract them and when I searched for it it came up blank.

Zipped inside another folder I guess.

Many thanks.

  sunny staines 19:46 25 Mar 2008

click here

Works just by extracting and running the .exe in Vista

  sunny staines 17:55 15 Apr 2008

my vista dvd should arrive next week. did you just put the xp disc in the drive to extract the file and it install automatically or download the zipped file. how did you unzip and install on the vista set up in the end.

  ened 12:22 16 Apr 2008

I downloaded the zipped file from sonicsam and double clicked on the Folder. This opened another folder which I opened and the second file down is Pinball.exe. click on that and you are away (apart from the Vista habit of asking you if you wish to continue - a minor irritation).

I didn't really want it as much as my wife so I just left it in a Download folder.

If you want, obviously you can create a shortcut on your Start Menu.

To answer your question Vista does it for you and there is no compatibility issue.

  sunny staines 14:08 16 Apr 2008

thanks for the feedback.

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