Pig sick of Freeview updates

  Covergirl 13:06 09 Mar 2011

It's not just a case of pressing the OK button.

Panasonic TV & PVR. This isn't a request for help, just a moan, as everything is working as it should, but it's just a pain in the donkey.

When I update it wipes all settings out (as it's supposed to) so I have to go into the setup menu and take various channels out of the line up so I don't have to scroll through them - the channels I mean are things like shopping channels, TopUp TV, dating channels and also Gold and ESPN which are subscription channels but still appear even though it's filtered for "Free Channels Only".

I also have to do a check on what's set up to record on the PVR because it wipes all those too (as it should because channels numbers occasionally change) and then re-enter them all again, only to be told two or three days later that there is another xxxxxxxxx update!

  G0lfer 13:15 09 Mar 2011

Oh............. you take out all those things you girls are suppose to like :-))

  lotvic 13:26 09 Mar 2011

I'm still trying to understand all the buttons on my remote(s) :o

  Kevscar1 13:30 09 Mar 2011

Simples you don't like it then pay for Sky, Virgin or BT.
It's free so you have to put up with it.

  interzone55 14:21 09 Mar 2011

My TV seems to update in the background (LG), but my Panasonic PVR detects updates once a week, but I simply press cancel, and just update when I know there's a new channel...

  johndrew 14:22 09 Mar 2011

It's free but paid for out of the TV License money we all (should) pay.

  Forum Editor 14:23 09 Mar 2011

from Speakers Corner.

  961 14:40 09 Mar 2011

If you trawl down into the options you should find the ability to turn off the updates of the software or the channel updates or both

For the reasons you describe I have the channel auto updates turned off and the problem is solved for the most part. Occasionally you may find that one of the main channels moves but that's pretty rare and I agree when that happens you'll need to do a retune. But most of this nonsense is caused by shopping channels going bust, getting taken over, fighting like ferrets in a sack and it won't affect your ability to watch/record the main channels we all watch

Panasonic remote...

Menu > setup menu > dvd setup menu> access > New service message > set to OFF > OK

  Arnie 18:50 09 Mar 2011

I would certainly disable the ability to download software updates.
If a mains supply disruption occurs during these updates, it can cause loss of picture and other related problems.

I receive my digital signals from the Sandy Heath transmitter. Until the analogue switch-off at the end of this month, I am now ignoring all requests to update my channels. Later I will then carry out a full factory restore.

Yesterday I restored my TV channels using the on screen prompt.
It changed my BBC1 and BBC2 CH42 settings to CH25 with lower signal strength readings.
Carrying out a factory restore picked up the correct channels again.
Of course I had to reset the colour and sound set up again to my liking.

If the owners name and address settings have been entered, these will not change.

Panasonic TX32-LMD70A.

  Fred Spoons EPNS 20:29 09 Mar 2011

I agree with you CG. In the past week,several new additions and deletions have been and gone.I've always clicked 'ok' and allowed my TV the three minutes it takes to update.I don't watch much TV,but 90s 'Family Fortunes' and 'Catchphrase' just don't do it for me any more.

The proliferation of adult section channels is certainly expanding in recent weeks!

Bring back 405 line TV.

  morddwyd 20:52 09 Mar 2011

I get them three or four times a week on my Panasonic.

I simply ignore them, and only retuned once, when analogue was switched off.

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