Photo software... Any ideas?

  tanzanitre 13:14 27 Jan 2004

Im looking for photo editing software,im totally bewildered as to what to buy!


  iashem 13:19 27 Jan 2004

Paint shop pro 8 is a very good package and is nearly as good as Adobe and around £300 less

  joeltr 13:26 27 Jan 2004

if you want to start off with a free one from adobe, download it from their website, i dont know what you want it for, but this is very good. i think its part of photoshop 2 regards

  tanzanitre 13:44 27 Jan 2004

Is Paintshop pro 8 easy enough to use? There was a lot of Ulead software with my dig camera but dont really find it that good,so was wanting to get rid of it all and go for one good software.

  Kalitechnis 14:32 27 Jan 2004

If you are pushed for cash, (and also want ease of use, try Serif Photoplus at click here

It's completely free. A bit old but perfectly adequate for most non-professional needs.

I have both Paintshop Pro and Photoshop Elements-both excellent-but cost ?60-80 depending on where you buy. And these have more than necessary for ordinary image editing (they are close to professional).

There are lots of programs designed to simplify image-editing for to look for reviews, say on Amazon or Cnet.

I would try out Serifs offering anyway, to allow yourself to discover your needs/desires.

Have fun.

  Belatucadrus 14:56 27 Jan 2004

Another useful free one is XNview click here

I do however like Paint shop Pro rather a lot, I recently got a free copy of PSP7 with a promotional pack of 50 imation CD-R from PC World, it cost a lot less than buying the software on its own. Well worth trying to find.

  tanzanitre 15:29 27 Jan 2004

Well theres loads out there but im scared of getting one i wont like,but i guess there mostly the same.I reckon i might not get the full potiental out of the photoplus as its just for normal editing.

Il go and check out the links. TY

  tanzanitre 15:50 27 Jan 2004

Maybe if i was to say what i would like/dislike then it would be easier to suggest something?

As i mentioned earlier there was ulead software with camera.This is the only software i have tried,and i think i dont like it cause its more a humour thing like the cool 360.Im not into doing crazy things with my pics nor am i interested in putting them on web etc etc.

I would rather get something that will enhance and allow me to edit photos that WILL have noticable effects.

  minter 16:21 27 Jan 2004

Your best bet is Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 which is a cut down version of Photoshop - take a look at click here


Paint Shop pro 8 - click here

Elements 2 is about £60/70 and PS about £40/50.

By the way you can purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 and Photoshop Album 2 as a "bundle" for about £70.

  ventanas 16:33 27 Jan 2004

With a question like this everyone will have their favourite for whatever reasons, and will surely recommend it. I use Photoshop7 and PaintShop pro 8. Because I like them, and despite the vast price difference, there is not much to tell them apart, as far as image editing goes.

PSP does come with a built in learning centre, but I've no idea what it does because I immediately turned it off when I first got V8.

If you've never used one of these before I would suggest the free version of Photoplus mentioned earlier. You will have to register by phone, and will be gently pushed to buy the latest verion. Just resist. It will at least give you an idea of what is possible, and when you feel you need something more up to date, and more powerful, which should not take long, you will know a lot more, and be able to make a more informed choice.

But if you want a straight asnwer. Paint Shop Pro 8.

  tanzanitre 17:36 27 Jan 2004

Well im leaning towards the paintshop pro 8,it seems to be mentioned in most of the replies.Reckon il look into it then just get it,not much point trying the earlier versions if the latest has more features.

Many thanks for the replies!

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