Phoney Phone calls

  jimmyflood 00:36 13 Jan 2011

My mother in law has just been conned out of £50 by a company claimimg to be phoning in response to error reports sent to Microsoft, he talked her into gaining access to her laptop and downloaded software.She unbelieveably gave him her debit card number.The Antivirus software is called White Troops Utilities, they have a very suspicious website.The tech guy called himself David Brown and left a phone number, which I have phoned back (01614 083832). He said his company was called My T Rescue and he called himself John Taylor to me, I asked him to provide his address which he failed to do and then hung up. I feel I should bring this to peoples attention

  tullie 06:14 13 Jan 2011

Hope she has cancelled her debit card.

  jimmyflood 08:26 13 Jan 2011

Cancelled her card and in the process of wiping her laptop.Police were not interested, as she had willingly given her card details, it apparently is not classed as theft.Surely there must be some protection for the vulnerable

  morddwyd 08:40 13 Jan 2011

"it apparently is not classed as theft."

No, but if they said they phoned in response to messages sent to Microsoft it is fraud or deception, unless they can produce evidence of those messages.

  spuds 12:30 13 Jan 2011

This is nothing new, because its been going on for some time now, in fact it as been mentioned a few times within this and other forums.

The worrying thing, is that this company and the others involved seem to be using the Microsoft name (which Microsoft are aware), but very little can be done about it. Trying to track and stop these people would be very difficult, because they could cease trading one day, then set-up again tomorrow. And this activity seems to be on the increase.

Report the matter to Trading Standards. You might be able to gain further information about the company, by checking the account details of the person or company receiving payment.

Regarding the adviser giving their name, then forget it, because in all possibilities the name given is false. I even have Asian call centre staff, with a very noticeable Asian speech pattern, telling me that their name is David Jones, Madonna Truelove etc!.

Another point to remember. Never ever give anyone access to your computer, unless you really know them. Your ISP might have access though?.

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