phone delivered but theft scam

  howard64 18:01 16 Apr 2009

I had a phone delivered to my address by Citylink which was not addressed to me. I immediately phoned Citylink to report it and was told that this is a phone stealing attempt. Carphone Warehouse in this case but all phone shops are asked to supply a phone either by phone or email. After it is delivered a person knocks at the door claiming to be the person it was addressed to and says he has been told it was sent to the wrong address. If you hand it over you will eventually be asked for the cost of it and have your credit record damaged. Fortunately having been warned not to give it to anyone not wearing the Citylink uniform I told the person who came for it that it had been collected for return to Carphone Warehouse. Citylink were very interested to be given the car registration of that person. Be warned it could be you next time.

  Kemistri 18:20 16 Apr 2009

How does the scammer manage to arrange delivery without first paying for the product?

  Kevscar1 18:22 16 Apr 2009

free phones on monthly contracts. Thats how IU get my phones.Never paid for one yet

  Kemistri 18:37 16 Apr 2009

If they have a contract, then surely that needs to be fraudulent as well, otherwise they are paying out. That just seems like much harder work than using a cloned card and buying a phone with it.

  birdface 18:45 16 Apr 2009

There was a program on TV last year where they were doing the same with Computers and Electrical goods but not sure if it was with stolen Bank cards or not.

  Forum Editor 18:55 16 Apr 2009

from Speakers Corner.

  Kevscar1 20:21 16 Apr 2009

It is fraud they don't give their real name same as they don't give their real address

  howard64 16:40 17 Apr 2009

Citylink have contacted me and it appears that Carphone Warehouse staff get a commission for every phone sent out. They do not appear to make any checks on the supposed customer so they are obviously getting the phones at such a cheap rate that they are not bothered by it.

  961 17:22 17 Apr 2009

As a respected member of this forum would say:-

eyes roll ^ ^

  Kevscar1 19:22 17 Apr 2009

is there anyway you can confirm that. Going to court with them soon

  howard64 11:58 18 Apr 2009

only have the say so of the operator who phoned to thank me and arrange collection - sorry.

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