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  Forum Editor 22:52 11 Apr 2007

My wife had her phone stolen on the London underground today - lifted from her bag while she read the paper.

She's debating which phone to get as a replacement - must be a clamshell, and the smaller the better. Lights and stripes not an issue, she doesn't care about cameras, MP3 players, etc., but it must be Tri-band.

Any recommendations? Apparently I'm hopeless when it comes to advice in this area.

  Grambo 22:56 11 Apr 2007

Just added this useful link to another thread

Hope it helps

click here

  polish 22:13 12 Apr 2007

sorry to hear about the theft but not suprised
click here this is a good place to start

  Dipso 22:27 12 Apr 2007

Just bought a Sony Ericsson W300i. It's clamshell phone and Quadband. Although you say your wife doesn't need features it has many features included for a very reasonable price. Got mine from click here

  shellship 18:06 13 Apr 2007

I got a new phone recently 'cos it was for free (I thought) through O2. Did not want camera but you can't get one without nowadays. Got Sony Ericsson 800i. Very good but..........had to increase monthly payment to use 3G and O2 does not offer proper internet access, just what they want you to have which is limited. I'd love to have full internet access (enjoying my time on the PCA forums??).

  Forum Editor 18:17 13 Apr 2007

Yep, that one's on her short-list. She likes the look of it, and the size.

  sidecar sid 18:36 13 Apr 2007

I have the Motorola KRZR.
It is small neat and beautifully finished,has a few bells and whistles i never use but i find it easy to use as a phone or texting machine.
Mrs Sidecar likes hers but has complained on occasion that it tends to get lost in the bowels of her Tardis(sorry handbag).
click here

  The Brigadier 18:44 13 Apr 2007

Sorry to hear about this.
My Sister just got a Nokia 6300 which she is very happy with.
She does not normally rave about phones but this one she has.

  pavvi 19:21 13 Apr 2007

It all depends on your price level or what features you want:

If you don't need a camera or bluetooth, then there is the Motorola W220 which is avaialble in black or pink... this one is around £30 to buy,

or as someone else has suggested, there is the Sony ericsson W300i, which is a good all round handset

  freaky 10:08 14 Apr 2007

Your Wife could find a phone with camera useful.

A friend of mine recently had a minor road accident (not his fault). He took photograps of the scene using his phone....the other person denied the accident was her fault! He sent the photos to his Insurer and they were able to get his claim paid by the other party.

  Forum Editor 12:27 14 Apr 2007

and my wife now has a Motorola MOTOKRZR K1

Many thanks for all your help.

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