perils of talk talk??

  six-h 16:41 20 Feb 2007

I've seen sooo many bad postings re the above, but am encouraged by Stuartli's comments which seem both fair and balanced. Would I be naive to entrust my first foray into the internet on the basis of his praise?
Are there any "Getout" clauses if the experience is truly abysmal??

  Zero G 17:45 20 Feb 2007

It's very interesting all these posts on Talk talk.
After their feature on BBC Watchdog the CEO - Charles Dunstone stated that customer service & the way they ran TT would get better.
Seems something is still going wrong, no surprise that they are one of the most compained about ISP's with Watchdog.

  Forum Editor 18:57 20 Feb 2007

on the standard of TalkTalk's service, because I have no personal experience of it. The answer to your question is 'yes'.

If the service you receive does not meet the standards advertised then you may terminate your contract. That isn't to say you can opt out at the first sign of a glitch - most providers have those from time to time - but if there's a persistent problem, and TalkTalk haven't resolved it within a reasonable time you can call it a day without penalty.

  tried 19:02 20 Feb 2007

hi 6-h Ive been on the talk 3 int package for 8 months now, wify on the phone 2/3 hours a day anytime me on the comp.@ 3.9 so far! at £20 a month its saving me a fortune! one word of warning dont rely on there help line for help I think its in outer mongolia they do there best but I garentee it will wind you up

  howard64 19:10 20 Feb 2007

I have been on with them since middle of November having been promised to be on by the end of August. Since being on it has never failed and it is saving me £25 per month. The line speed is only 2MB although my son in law further from the same exchange is still with BT and has 8MB. Their customer service is useless but they are now advertising a 30 day trial. If you do not already have broadband you could be on in less than 2 weeks.

  terryf 20:58 20 Feb 2007

I was helped to leave talktalk (not) by my local Trading Standards because they were not supplying what they promised in their sign-up letter 'unlimited downloads' but then they started throttling. This was last year but after that I wouldn't touch them with the proverbial barge pole nor would I recommend them, IMO big is not beautiful.

  josie mayhem 22:28 20 Feb 2007

I'm not with the BB side of talk talk, but I'm making a huge saving using the phone part of it... Am I happy with the saving I'm making every month Nope!

Well the reason I'm making a huge saving is because I can't phone out as such!!!

I recieved a letter just before christmas saying sorry to hear you want to leave blah blah, if you changed your mind disregard this letter and we keep you on... So I did as they said and ignored the letter heard nothing more...

Then the other day my youngest daughter tried to phone her friends mobile and got can't connect you are not registared to use this service! thought it a bit odd tried another number no problems it rang...

Tried to phone mother-in-law had the same message, can't connect you aren't registared, hmmm tried a my dads number got through. Tried my sister in Scotland got the message again.

Transpires that we can only connect to local numbers... I've tried to phone them but I can't connect because I'm not registared to use that service!

So have to wait until my talk miniutes are on my mobile phone and hope that they don't run out before I've finished the phone call to find out whats going on and to cancel my contract...

  pavvi 23:21 20 Feb 2007

If you get a letter saying sorry you are leaving I would be amazed if it stated that you do nothing in order to stay with them. These letters usually come after you have been switched to another service. Someone may have switched you across without your consent (in the industry it's called 'slamming' ) and may have put you on a different kind of package that includes only local lines. Calling the 0870 number fro customer services from a talktalk line is free of charge.

A letter saying sorry to see you go would have a number on it that you would have to call to stop it getting cancelled, if youtake no action you get switched to another service.

  dagbladet 09:01 21 Feb 2007

Signed up when they had the big 'free' broadband sales push last year. I'm saving money every month, my download speed has quadrupled and I've never had a problem.

  oldbeefer2 14:53 21 Feb 2007

TT allowed my daughter a MAC 6 months early with no penalty as long as she kept the phone package (which is very good), so you can get away fron the bu@@ers|

  Zero G 15:44 21 Feb 2007

Talk talk phone service is 2nd to none, very good indeed.
Sadly the internet service is not so good, a client i have, uses TT and in the 6 months they have had it the promised 8MB speed is in fact only 512k, the excuses from TT for the lack of speed & poor service are pages long.

They even said in one phone call it was to do with BBC Watchdog showing complaints about them!

My client is now talking to Watchdog themselves to get the problem sorted as TT seem not to care, what ever the promises of the CEO Charles Dunstone has made on Watchdog they dont seem to work!

Is it no wonder that they are the most complained about ISP to Watchdog & Ofcom!!

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