Performanc PC's Trouble - Faulty Item

  RobCharles1981 11:41 15 Sep 2009

I got a bit of trouble with Performanc PC's I had ordered some stuff from them (First Time) with them on the 24th July 2009 and it came 2 Weeks latter.

The problem is that when items had came I had ordered a "Cathode Light Kit" I assumed they came in a pair.

But the main problem is its faulty it had a power cable attached to a PCI Bracket and that broken off when I was sussing out what is what at the time.

I imidiately contacted Performance PC's but I have not had a single reply from them I've sent them about 5 emails or more.

Any Ideas on what to do?



  wee eddie 13:22 15 Sep 2009

1. Why did you assume that they came in Pairs? Did their description lead you to believe this, or was it wishful thinking?

2. When did you send the e-mails? How long between each mail? Did you give all the necessary references for them to be able to identify your order? How long did you give them to make a reply?

3. How did the breakage occur? If you broke it yourself, as you described, why do you think that they should replace at their expense?

Please don't think that I'm being negative, but I am asking you to think carefully before you answer.

  RobCharles1981 14:41 15 Sep 2009

1. I tought it was a "dual" cathode kit

2. I sent the email straight away as soon as the fault occured. I gave them plenty of time to respond I left it around a week no reply tried again nothing. I provided them with the order number that I had.

3. I didn't break it myself it was just bad luck unfortunately.

  spuds 14:46 15 Sep 2009

Not knowing the company, but is there a telephone number that you could use!.

  wee eddie 15:07 15 Sep 2009

1. Did it say that there were 2 light sources on the Specification?

2. Did you reply through their Website "Contact us" facility? Did you get an Automated Reply confirming delivery of your message?

3. "I didn't break it myself it was just bad luck unfortunately." ~ Does this mean that it was not broken on arrival?

  RobCharles1981 09:57 16 Sep 2009

1. I assumed there was they should normaly come in a kit.

2. Yes I did but didn't often recive a confirmation email I tried yesterday to contact them but there appears to be a problem with their mail server or weather its my email address I donlt know.

3. It wasn't broken on arival but it was put together nicely so its not my fault that it broken it should of been devised more properly.

  wee eddie 11:23 16 Sep 2009

1. If you got what they specified ~ You have no, legal, ground for complaint.

3. As it was not broken on arrival ~ They have completed their part of the bargain ~ unless you can show that it was a manufacturing fault.

2. From what you say, apart from occasional automated responses, you have received no response from them since your fist e-mail on about 24th August. Is that correct?

  I am Spartacus 11:59 16 Sep 2009

Just solder the broken cable back in place or remove completely and rewire it so it's on all the time (I do that to get rid of the excess cabling).

Some kits are sold as Dual inverter kits which means the inverter unit can power 2 lights but doesn't necessarily mean you'll get 2 lights.

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