Perfect Disk, Does anyone else like it?

  1514 19:03 27 Aug 2004

Has anyone out there tried “Perfect Disk”? I tried it the other week on “30 day try out” and bought it on the second day! I have found that it just greases XP! I also use “CCleaner” (Freebie) and together with “Roboform”(Freebie) and using “favourites” for Internet Urls. I use “Roboform” to sign me into my sites because “CCleaner” gets rid of all of the cookies and loads of other rubbish so there should be less likelihood of getting naughty cookies.
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  tonyx1302 21:23 29 Aug 2004

Please see my thread 'Perfect Disk your opinions please 'in helproom forum.

Many thanks


  1514 23:32 29 Aug 2004

Hi Breitling,
As I didn't need any help with "Perfect Disk", I didn't put it in the "Helproom Forum" I thought that I should let other members know just how good I thought that it was, also the other two programmes which I suggested, are very good and freebies to boot!Dont be shy Try it, as you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

  1514 23:39 29 Aug 2004

I have been on the www for less than 30 minutes and CCleaner got rid of 1MB of rubbish.

  Dorsai 06:04 30 Aug 2004


Please post a link to it, so that those who want can go have a look without having to try and find it.

  BJN 10:44 30 Aug 2004

yup I've been using pefect disc 6 for over a year, a great program for fast defrag and it also does a boot defrag which help speed things up.

worth at try out you have nothing to lose.


  tonyx1302 12:33 30 Aug 2004

Thanks for the posts. I got the link for 'PD' from 1514 original link. I also use C.Cleaner & Roboform from 1514 link. Both are excellent.

1514. Do you think that I would improve my system over the Win defrag by buying 'PD' if so where do suggest I download it from? I have found it at $45. ( not mean, just working on a tight buget ) Also not being techi minded, is there anything to be wary of when/after or before running 'PD'.

Thanks for coming back 1514 and sorry I didn't reply earlier but I kept looking for orig. thread on Helproom Forum


  1514 15:30 30 Aug 2004

It usually takes a bit of time to do the first few defrags and then it will get your system straightened out a bit better and will defrag faster. It is best to experiment for a while as you can set it up to do all sorts of defrags but again it takes a while. I have written to them to ask if it is possible to defrag on closedown and hoping that eventually, when I hit the closedown button all of the defragging will be done and the pc closed down automatically. Like I said Breitling, have it on trial for a month don't purchase it unless you are satisfied with it.
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  tonyx1302 17:36 30 Aug 2004

Many thanks 1514. I will take your advice and stick with it for the month. Thanks also for the purchase site thread.


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