Pentium D 925 / 2x 3GHz / Dual Core vs

  wint 15:04 21 May 2007

Would I notice the difference between these two bundles? One uses a Pentium D 925 / 2x 3GHz / Dual Core and the other an Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 processor. The Mobos are different. The first one is £149 and the other is £180. If you follow the links, they are assembles mobo's with 1GB RAM and a 3 yr warranty.

click here

click here

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  wint 15:06 21 May 2007

The title should have said:
"Pentium D 925 / 2x 3GHz / Dual Core vs Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 processor" but I entered too many words in the title.... D'Oh!

  donki 16:31 21 May 2007

Care 3 duo my friend, its the newer technology id say. What is the system to be used for?

  wint 17:03 21 May 2007

Hi Donki, is that 3 a typo? It is a 2nd PC to be used for office (2007 which seems to hog resources)and MS Flight Sim. Also some PVR type functions so doesn't need the biggest & fastest, my AMD 3.2 Athlon copes admirably but I intend replacing the innards of a 1.6 P4.

  Quiet Life 11:27 22 May 2007

I have a D925 in a desktop with much the same spec. and a Core 2Duo 1.8ghz mobile in a laptop.
In Pifast the D925 benchmarks at 77.67 and the Laptop at 54.3 (lower the faster)
However at simple things like opening files etc the D925 is much quicker and overall feels faster. I think it would depend on what you use the computer for. If you are looking to save £30 I do not think the D925 would disappoint. later

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