Pentium 640

  Murielson 1 20:24 18 Jul 2006

Thoughts on the quote below that I received from a local computer supplier would be appreciated please:

'The Pentium 640 you got a quote for from are an end of life chip and we would not build on this chipset'

Is there a problem with this chipset? Should I be considering it for a new system?

Many thanks

  SG Atlantis® 20:47 18 Jul 2006

It is an older CPU, they've ditched this line up.

  dontmeshwithme 20:54 18 Jul 2006

If this fact is reflected in the price then surely this is sensible business practice. You see it daily in the car industry?

  ade.h 21:31 18 Jul 2006

The 640 has been powering my business desktop for about 9 months now, and very capably, but I would not buy one now unless I was on a budget and in a hurry. I'd sit tight for a month or so and see how the latest dual-core Intels work out price-wise. The price is the only question, as the performance certainly won't be in doubt.

  Murielson 1 01:08 19 Jul 2006

Example quote below:

Intel Pentium 4 640 3.2Ghz
1024 MB Crucial Memory with lifetime Warranty
Asus Motherboard, DDR2, SATA, PCIe, 3PCI Slots
Six USB Ports
128MB x300 PCIe Graphics
250GB SATA Hard Drive
Midi Tower Case
7 in one card reader
Windows XP Home
Keyboard & Optical Mouse
1 year return to base warranty

£539 inc VAT

If the above is still a good system I will happily look at buying it if it is going to last me 5 years or so. If not just looking to get into the market with something that will last me approx that length of time for home/office type use - no gaming etc.

Timeframe wise I am hoping to get something within the next week or so and therefore would like to order something in the next couple of days.

  Jimmy14 01:21 19 Jul 2006

Everything else is fine except the lack of memory in the graphics card plus its a very old one though if no gaming or high demanding graphics applications will be getting used then that should be fine.


  Jimmy14 01:24 19 Jul 2006

no monitor?

  umbongo(uk) 02:20 19 Jul 2006

maurelson are you upgrading an old system ie just want to replace existing motherboard with ram and cpu
or wanting just a tower unit including drives and the other components listed above ie drives case etcto plug into an existing monitor
or a full new system build
as ill have a look for ya
the system above seems fine for what u want it for and youd only have to upgrade the graphics card if you wanted it for gaming
im still on socket a spec and it still keeps up with todays envoirement the only thing it cant do is 64bit but hey weres the software

  Murielson 1 10:55 19 Jul 2006

All - many thanks for replies to date.

Am buying a new system but using TFT monitor already bought for current system. Gaming not required as stated earlier but may ask supplier for quote to add a better graphics card. What should I be asking for as a minimum without needing huge capacity?

Intend to add extra drives etc and maybe some other extras but above is the basic spec and the comment about Pentium 640 being an 'end of life chip and we would not build on this chipset' concerned me. As long as there are no obsolescence type issues I will seriously consider it as the supplier is very local to me.

To answer another earlier question my current system is too old to upgrade and I will be wiping this and installing in daughters bedroom with original CRT monitor. Intend to try and network this with new PC so she can get restricted access to net etc.

  DrHoliday 11:10 19 Jul 2006

The grahics could well be on board.
The x300 has been very troublesum, not worth the hassle & has conflicts as well.

  umbongo(uk) 15:36 20 Jul 2006

maurelson i cannot find a better system on offer for tht price ive checked cclonline,ebuyer,savastore,komplett and others and none come in at tht price n spec
plus to me it seems a great deal as the graphics can be updated at a later time if needs be .at which time the price of a atix1600 or 6600gt will be at about £40.00
im still using a 9800 pro and 3200 xp i know its got no upgade potential any more exept for graphics and its a few secs to minutes slower in some apps but hey it does what it does and does it well cos im able to game and havnt missed out on a new game title yet and 25 mins dvd copy aint so bad admittedly adobe takes some time but thts cos my systems set up for multiple task n not just office tasks
just take a look at whats on offer today and youll see the companys have gone back to the old practice of every thing needs to be updated and nothing has realy changed proccsor front exept for their names ie amd 64 become the less speedy am2 and the intel becomes the conroe chip
there is a barrier on how high a cpu can run and when i say run i mean in practise of commeciability and stability not oc,ing as thts an individual choice and costly if gone wrong

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