Pentium 4 vs Athlon 64...Please help

  trueblu_12 09:17 04 Jan 2005

I am going to buy a new computer very soon and I am not sure whether I should buy a Pentium 4 based computer or Athlon 64 based computer. I know that 64 bit computing is much better but I don't play games very often and I rarely do any video editing work so I will probably never need the added power of 64 bit. I have seen a well specified P4 system which has 3 Gigahertz P4 with HT, 1 Gb RAM, 160 Gb hard drive and DVD+-RW which is only £610 and comes with a flat panel monitor, etc. and this is much less than the equivalent AThlon64 systems so coulod you give your opinions please...Thanks.

  JIM 09:58 04 Jan 2005

Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 computer.

Good question as i sit typing away knowing from the past,the views and the reasons members and i preferred one type of brand to another.Some very valid reasons including value for money and speed etc with the AMD processor.

I also sit here listening to my system which is running perfectly well and reflect on all other systems i have owned.Which possibly brings me to the point of this long outdrawn reply.

"sorry" :)

"LISTENING" and that is the problem after ten years of AMD with only one INTEL in-between. Unless the AMD 64 and what goes with it as a package has quieted down,my choice would be the Pentium 4 No matter what the answers are :)

"My" ringing ear-drums are telling me this. A bit to late too.

Maybe not the answer you need or expected?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:38 04 Jan 2005

Mere mortals will NOT noice the difference. Go for the cheaper system and use the saved money to buy an external HD...I guarantee this will be of much more use.


  Stuartli 10:51 04 Jan 2005

See this thread:

click here

  TomJerry 12:08 04 Jan 2005

game & number crunching: AMD

Video and Audio encording & editing: Intel

Office Applications: take cheaper one

  trueblu_12 12:14 04 Jan 2005

Are all Athlons very loud? I have an 1 gigahertz Athlon which is VERY loud. It is extremely annoying during DVDs especially in tense can imagine soft tense music ruined by the whirring of the fan and I would like to avoid this. IS this a common problem with Athlons?

  Maverick81 12:51 04 Jan 2005

I would say having both a P4 and Athlon 64 system that there is only a marginal performance between the two CPU's. Which is a testimony to how far AMD have come especially as they manage the same performance as P4's with a smaller clock speed.

The 64bit systems are fairly future proof (64 bit version of windows due in the second quarter of this year) and microsoft have thrown a lot of support behind 64bit as being the future of PC's
Dell have recently annouched they are considering adopting AMD for some of they server and workstation lines as IA64 from intel is very pricey and a poor performer. AMD have the edge for the moment. but you choice of CPU should come down to what you going to use it for and your budget.

As for noise there is very little difference, it depends on the cooling solution used, bare in mind the hottest CPU at the moment is a 3.6ghz P4 which emits 100 watts of thermal energy. If you have a noisy AMD consider changing the CPU fan from the stock cooler.

For objective reviews of P4 and AMD64 see forums like

click here
click here



  Bleep 13:36 04 Jan 2005

AMD64 are running and have low noise levels thanks to AMD's "Cool and Quiet" technology :click here

If it was a choice between an AMD64 939 pin chip and a 'Very Hot Running' Prescott P4 i'd go AMD all day long.

Very much with keeping to the arguments above if your just doing basic things, get the cheaper.

All the tests I have seen of the newer chips have AMD64's beating simlar Intel chips on everything bar media encoding, and even with that as gandulf states you really would'nt notice the difference.

My vote AMD 3500 + all day long!!! click here

  gobi 14:17 04 Jan 2005

Hardly notice any noise different between Intel and AMD.
Personally, I would vote for AMD for best value of money.

  Lead 17:38 05 Jan 2005

If you can find a system that meets your requirements and doesn't make your wallet scream, then go for it. Irrespective of it having an Intel or AMD CPU.

But bear in mind AMD generally offer more bang for the buck. As for temperatures, granted some CPUs run hotter than others, but temperatures need to be consider on a system basis, not simply CPU. There are various ways of making a PC quieter, software or hardware. I, respectfully, think calling AMDs noisey is misleading.

  freaky 21:29 05 Jan 2005

I have an AMD 64 3500+ with an Asus A8V Deluxe (939 pin).

It is the most quiet PC I have ever owned. This could be due to the Asus MOB, evidently it varies the fan speed according to how busy the CPU is.

My older PC with an AMD Athlone 1.6 and Gigabyte MOB is deafening in comparison!

If you have a PC that has a noisy CPU fan, then it is relatively inexpensive to change it.

Also remember that there are other fans on a PC in addition i.e. Graphic Cards. When I am in the mood I open up the PC and clean the fan blades, you would be surprised at what accumulates on them!

I have also put a drop of graphite oil on the fan spindle

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