The Penny Black Project - 1 Pence per email

  powerless 18:53 19 Feb 2003

"EMAIL could go the same way as the postal system if a new Microsoft project gets the go-ahead. The Penny Black Project wants to do to email just what the Penny Black did for the postal service back in the 1840s - organise it and cut out the junk.

The plan? To charge senders about a penny per message bought as a pre-pay ticket.

This would do wonders for eradicating spam, but would everyday users be prepared to spend a penny for each email? You tell us... email the usual address: [email protected]"

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Well its one way to stop Spam email.

  powerless 18:55 19 Feb 2003

Should have deleted the email address.

  Djohn 18:57 19 Feb 2003

Powerless, if it could guarantee to stop spam, especially the unsavoury type, then it just might be worth while!

  oresome 19:23 19 Feb 2003

19p doesn't seem to deter those that send me junk mail via the letter box unfortunately.

  he he :-) 19:31 19 Feb 2003

I agree with oresome

  €dstow 19:53 19 Feb 2003

There are email systems other than Mr Gates' version.

All that charging would do is encourage people to use an alternative.


  cassie75 20:07 19 Feb 2003

Is it not bad enough we are still being charged over the odds for BB and dial up, and now 1p per email. Many companies will go bust in a week. This is crazy and greedy. The spam should be filtered at the isp front.

  mikef™ 20:52 19 Feb 2003

I agree with cassie75 spam should be filtered by the ISP, if BT Openworld can do it using Brightmail surely other ISP's can do it as well. Since they started the filtering almost no spam gets through now, definitely no sex ones.

  H-J 23:00 19 Feb 2003

whats wrong with all isp's selling a (very) expensive license to spammers. they would have to perhaps have a government granted license providing a repsonsible person/identity etc befor granting said license. this might make it easier to track down and take action (legal) against people who send un-solicited material. No license, and all bulk mail gets automatically stopped at the outgoing isp. if they dont, then fine the isp's. mucho money all round.

Now I think about it, if you can prove that spammers are sending such material to a place where children are viewing or are likely to view -i.e. my kids-then you might be able to get something seriously done about them. after all, there doesnt appear to be any problem about international police co-operation when it comes down to pedo's. perhaps the time has come to view unrequested distribution of dubious material to minors in the same legal light.

  Forum Editor 23:48 19 Feb 2003

It should be a criminal offence to send someone an unsolicited email with sexual content or references.

Unfortunately there would be some formidable problems associated with bringing prosecutions. Police forces simply wouldn't have the resources for one thing, and then there's the problem of a complainant proving that he/she didn't agree to receive such mail. The sender would be assumed to be innocent remember, until and unless you could prove otherwise.

Licenses for spammers? I can't see that being workable. It isn't that difficult to trace spammers, the problem is what you do when you have tracked them down. Any scheme which relies on establishing a world-wide network of new agencies to enforce spam licence contraventions isn't going to work. Many countries can hardly afford a decent police service, let alone an email spammers licensing agency. It's the sheer scale of the problem that makes solving it so daunting, and in the end I think the solution is going to come from from within the computer industry - it's going to be a software solution, and it's going to be partly ISP and partly user-based.

If only I knew how to do it...........

  Green 1 02:07 20 Feb 2003

Mark my words, this will be the thin edge of the wedge, in no time at all it will be "Not cost effective" and the need to place a price rise will occur, I think we should boycot this method and self filter out unwanted spam Etc.

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