PDA's, Mobile Phones & Bluetooth headsets

  wee eddie 21:44 06 Feb 2004

Mobile phones have only one down side. They rarely allow one to use ones Outlook Contacts.

PDA's appear to be able to use Outlook, when they are not screwing up with multiple duplicate entries and similar nightmares.

I see many of you, fancy folk, driving and, for that matter, walking along with those wee headsets on.

How long before it becomes commonplace for PDA's to have a sim card slot.

  Sir Radfordin 01:44 07 Feb 2004

I for one will never have a PDA until someone finds a decent solution for how to carry it about. They aren't "light" and not wishing to be considered a "geek" I don't wish to have it attached to my belt! Pockets mean things snap when sitting down. Suits are great for such items but hight unpractical for day to day life.

There seem to have been a mixture of reports either saying consumers want all in one devices or the opposite.

i would agree with Sir Rad..

I would like a PDA, but sometimes when i get in my car i forget i have my phone....ever tried to get it without getting out of your seat?

PDA's would be even worse....

  wee eddie 11:10 07 Feb 2004

Surely with a Bluetooth headset the whole operation becomes Hands-free, so long as you have a sufficiently large database of your numbers.

And anyway you, probably, should not be getting your phone out of your pocket while driving!

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