PDA ..what is it ?..do I need one ?...which one .?

  mermaid25 20:16 01 Nov 2005

I am a mobile hairdresser , I have a huge filofax which is like carrying round a brick!!

A client said I should get one of those 'electronic thingys'.

I don't have clue where to start..
I need a diary, address book,
possibly a camera, bluetooth maybe.

I don't want to get a combined PDA mobile phone as I would need to use it when I am speaking to the client. (don't fancy speakerphone)
any ideas..

  puma22 20:25 01 Nov 2005

I've got a tugsten T3 and swear by it. Depends on what you want to do with it as to whether you need one.
I use mine for diary and typing up reports on the go - bought a keyboard to help with this.
Used to be a hairdresser, so guess you need a diary - excellent for this (but a lot of money just for a diary)
It has got docs to go which I use a lot - you might want to use a database to store all the client details, such as treatments etc. Hasnt got access but has got excel eqivanet which might be good to store all custmer details

  ade.h 21:33 01 Nov 2005

All the Palm Tungstens are very good. They get good reviews and I don't know anyone who isn't thoroughly happy with them.

  Kate B 21:42 01 Nov 2005

I've got an iPaq 4150 which is great - small and neat, has both Bluetooth and wi-fi, nice screen, decent battery life. I can't fault it. You might find them still around.

  Forum Editor 00:14 02 Nov 2005

but I'm going to be really honest here, and say........I find my Filofax (of which I've had many over the years) far better from an information management point of view.

MY PDA has wireless technology, and I can download email/browse the web when I'm on the move, which is certainly useful, and probably the only reason I keep the thing.

Digital technology is wonderful, but it isn't the answer to absolutely everything in life. I can find someone's contact details far faster in my Filofax than I can on my PDA, and I have rapid access to maps of the London underground, a street map of London, a UK map, and a map of the world. I have international time-zones, a huge contact list, reams of notes, and a calendar that is a real wonder to behold - no need for passwords, nobody else could possibly decipher it.

Yes, it's a fairly hefty item, and yes, it's yesterday's technology, but it's efficient and comprehensive, doesn't need its battery recharging, and I can make a note without stabbing at tiny letters with an enlarged tooth-pick.

Armed with the Filofax, my mobile phone and my laptop I can travel anywhere in the world, sure in the knowledge that absolutely everything I need for my business is in one shoulder bag - even if it is a tad heavy after half an hour.

  Xzrox 08:36 02 Nov 2005

Do you not like the fact that when you switch on an iPaq, it immediately tells you what you have got to do today, by listing all your appointments and your to-dos? :-) I think it's amazing if sometimes you want something to tell you what to do and where to do it. Saves you having to remember! However, I do also have a FiloFax and understand where you're coming from on many a point!

  puma22 09:16 02 Nov 2005

Use my tungsten as a small laptop with a foldable keyboard.
It works excellently and is easyier to cart around.

  mermaid25 10:50 02 Nov 2005

thank you all for your input...
I will have to research this and see what the specs are and whether they are for me.

on another note.. FE like the new look!

  fitcher 13:05 02 Nov 2005

got a palm manager with the four gig hard drive wifi and blue tooth , bought a dongle blue .tooth. for it the other day ,,£15, amazing ..transfers all files from my computer.and my laptop .music vidio.and now you can get a 1gb sd card to pop in the top .see soni are now making a five gb sd card ..wow

  Simsy 13:10 02 Nov 2005

I've a friend who swears by EGT... (Eraseable graphite technology).

When it come to a diary I do too. I do shift work with my hours being constantly changed at short notice. wring in my diary I can always easily see what is is/was/should have been.

No worries about batterys or breakages either.



  Forum Editor 23:06 03 Nov 2005

it clips on the bottom, and is hopeless.

If you really want a keyboard for a PDA, and are a sucker for objects of desire

click here

I can feel my credit card trembling in its sleep.

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