pickle factory 17:45 16 Jun 2005

Hello folks. I'm off to the US soonish and I'm considering buying a PDA while I'm there as i think they'll be cheaper than UK. Anyone know if I would have any compatibility issues when I get it home other than the obvious mains charger 110v/240v issue. Should PC interface etc all be the same. While I'm grubbing for info, any good recommendations for entry level pda, initially, I'm looking at using for Sat Nav so Bluetooth and good screen in sunlight quite high on list.

  Elyse 19:16 16 Jun 2005

I'm not a big fan of PDAs, so i can't give you advice, but i doubt that you'll have problems. make sure that you buy one where you can switch out the sim cards.

  HXP 19:40 16 Jun 2005


I have an ipaq 400 mhz arm processor 64 mb ram ( HP2210 ) euns Tom Tom 3 so any specc = or > should be fine.

I think charger should be ok as they charge from a cradle but you can also get usb chargering lead for about £10 so get one of those when you are out there.

Mine uses a SURF bluetooth GPS receiver

Brilliant PDA - bluetooth + i/r takes cf & Sd mem can get CF wifi card as option.

Plays videos / games / office suite

never without mine - lots of free software here

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  pickle factory 19:50 16 Jun 2005

Is there any specifics re: GPS receivers, or one job fits all?

  wee eddie 20:19 16 Jun 2005

What happens if anything goes wrong.

No one local to honour the warranty. Cost you a fortune to send it back to the States.

  pickle factory 21:06 16 Jun 2005

Bugger, you mean these things can go wrong???
Forgot about that.

  HXP 21:35 17 Jun 2005

IPAQ support seems pretty good rung the help desk give them s/n and they seem to be ok with support -
might be worth giving thenm a quick ring - although my (3) ipaqs have never missed a beat

tech supp no = 0870 8422 339 & ask them ?

I can only say with IPAQ that any bluetooth device should work but if you want to be sure my set up is a receiber using SiRF Xtrac chip so if you had same set up it should work. If you check the link below and look at their packages if you brought the indentical spec devices in USA should work.

Good hunting

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  pickle factory 12:34 18 Jun 2005

Plenty to look at and ponder.

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