pda advice

  rubans 14:21 19 Jun 2003

Im thinking of getting a pda and one of the main things i want to use it for is internet and msn messsenger.
Does any have any good recommendations,what sort of thinks do i need to access the web ( gsm phone??) and what are the costs??
Any advice would be most appreciated cheers

  davidg_richmond 21:32 19 Jun 2003

I use an HP Jornada with an infra-red capable phone. In the current market, any Pocket PC PDA and IR mobile will do the trick, but to be up-to-date, get a bluetooth Toshiba 750, HP iPaq 5450, Compaq iPaq 3970 or other, and get a bluetooth phone. This enables you to connect a lot easier. Infra-red needs the devices to be pointing at each other all the time and its annoying when i'm on the bus and i lose a connection. When you get a bluetooth phone they are all GPRS if I remember right, which lets you pay for the number of Kb you download and not how long you are on for. This is preferable as it is cheaper when reading web pages.

Compaq 3970 about £360
Bluetooth phone - free with a contract, or over £100 pay as you go
Net usage - about 10p GSM pay as you go, or £8 for 1Mb depending on network

  bfoc 22:45 19 Jun 2003

The internet a lot then I would steer clear of infra-red connection, as davidg_richmond says keeping phone and PDA in line and communicating can be problematic. Also I would ensure you get a faster connection than the standard mobile phone. Web browsing at 9,600 is not much fun, even if you turn off pictures.

I suggest that you visit some retailers and see if you an try some PDAs. Finding them comfortable to use is quite important, simple things like the position of buttons and how it feels in the hand can be very influential. Once you know which you like you can then do a price comparison.

PDA advice is quite difficult to give since only you know which of size, features, 'feel' or power is the most important.

  rubans 09:48 20 Jun 2003

Thanks for the replies, do you know roughly the amount you spend on bills etc. I wanna know as i maybe play to use msn messenger an hour a day probably.

  bfoc 12:45 20 Jun 2003

Use my PDA for much web browsing since I had the infra-red slow connection to my Nokia phone. It just got too frustrating.

If you check on the various mobile phone providers sites, you'll find that they give their different costs. So O2's GPRS site is click here.

It also gives a rough idea of how many pages you could download for the included limits. Remember with GPRS you only pay for data not for length of time. So if you do use mainly short messages you would probably get quite a lot per Mb of data.

Try the different providers and see which suits you best, or visit a retail store and ask their advice. If you already have a GPRS phone and a mobile account you can sometimes just 'bolt on' your GPRS service as the O2 site mentions.

Hope that helps.

  davidg_richmond 13:27 20 Jun 2003

If you are going to be using MSN Messenger, I can't see you spending all that much on calls. Browsing the net is different, best to keep away from graphics-heavy sites as they take ages to download and increase the number of Kb you use.

Just a note on the screen size - PDAs are not brilliant for viewing websites at all, I tend you use mine when I need e-mail downloading, getting football scores or connecting to my university website for information.

FYI, the new '3' network will allow for much quicker net access but the cost will probably be phenomenal for at least another year.

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