PCWORLD WARRANTY on excessive overheating.

  fahadii 08:44 18 Nov 2009

Good morning everyone,
I bought a tablet laptop(Hp, TX-2520ea) from pcworld in march'09. It is a refurbished laptop and stated that it comes with a 12 month warranty. What i didnt know was that there is a common heating issue in this specific model whether it is a new or a refurbished one. I then started doing my research about this laptop and found out that i am not alone, the system used to crash and had various other problems aswell(which i solved myself by doing some clean installs and upgrades). However, the unbearable heating issue remains as it is. It was always hot but now it can literally burn ones laps if u keep it on. I ran a cpu temperature check and was surpriseed to see it go upto 100C!! I do have screen shots of that and i am sure that it is not a normal temperature for a laptop.
To put it all in a nutshell, i want to return this laptop to PCWORLD, but they will probably just replace the processor and send it back and i am sure it wont resolve the problem at all. So where exactly do i stand? What are my rights and what can i do about it? (i do not know about the laws and rights as i am not from uk).

Any help will be much appreciated.
Hope you all have a good day.

  donki 09:40 18 Nov 2009

100 degrees certainly does seem way over any operating temp I have seen for a cpu, I am surprised it is still going. What program are u using to monitor your temps/fanspeeds, I would recommend 2 programs, Fanspeed and CPUID Hardware monitor. I take it as a given that you have cleaned all intake or exhaust fans? Also undervolting a cpu in your bios can cause extreme cpu overheating have you checked the HP website for any driver bios upgrades?

I wouldnt mess with anything in your bios manually as this can be seen as "overclocking" and void your warrantee, have you contacted PCWorld to see what they have said, would be intresting to see if they said 100 degrees was an acceptable CPU temp. They should be your first port of call, I hope none of your upgrades have voided your warantee either.

  fahadii 10:05 18 Nov 2009

thanks for the prompt reply mate, Yes; I have used cpuid hardware monitor for monitoring the temperature. As for the upgrades, i belive i have not done anything that would void my warranty. A friend did suggest me to undervolt my cpu and i even read about it but didnt do it because i do not have the know hows of it. I have cleaned the fans using the compressed air dusters but didnt open the laptop for it because that would have voided my warranty(rite?). So yeh, i will be calling them today and see what they say about this. I just wanted to have some opinions of individuals before i talked to them because they pcworld will try their best not to take it back and all.

  fahadii 10:50 18 Nov 2009

I have talked to them over the phone and they are sending a courier to pick up my laptop tomorrow. They cant tell me what they can do about it at the moment and will decide what to do once their team checks the system.
Lets hope they fix it!

  wee eddie 12:11 18 Nov 2009

Although known as Laptops, they are not designed to be used on your "lap".

In fact, if you use it on your lap, you will, most likely, block the cooling ducts and cause it to overheat.

  danbrazier 23:07 19 Nov 2009

Goodevening, OP,

HP have had numerous ranges affected by overheating - for certain models tehy've extended the warranty in order to rectify these faults. They were commonly occuring on models with nVidia chipsets. You can check if your model is affected via HP's website.

As yours falls within warranty it will be collected by TTG and usually taken to their Mansfield laptop repair center.

Drop me a PM if you have no luck with TTG/sending off and I should be able to point you in the right direction.

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