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  adamscomputers 09:32 27 Nov 2007


I bought a Samsung 22" lcd 27/10/07 the screen in one area appears to have 'cracked' when I called them they said I need to contact Samsung to repair it. I don't have the original packing, I have receipts etc. Any idea what I can do as I want it replaced??


  oresome 10:17 27 Nov 2007

"If there is a fault with your product within 12 months of delivery (or other defect with your order), we will normally offer a prompt repair, exchange or refund. We will always offer you the choice of an exchange or refund if the fault occurs within 28 days of delivery."

Extract above from their terms and conditions.

If you contacted them within 28 days and could demonstrate that the damage wasn't due to mishandling on your part, an exchange or refund should have been offered.

  ajm 11:20 27 Nov 2007

Take it back to your local pc world store and they willexchange it for you under their 28-day policy. They will exchange for you with the same model.

You are only a day or two over the "28-day" PC World rule, however, if you explain nicely to the customer services dept taht you were not able to come earlier, they will help yopu with the exchange.

May I ask which Branch the product was bought from.

  spuds 12:44 27 Nov 2007

Do not under any circumstances make a direct contact with the manufacturer, unless PCW have given you proof that they have instructed you to do so.

Taking a direct route to a manufacturer can be a 'best' solution if a repair is required, but going direct can limit your consumer rights. The retailer, in this case PC World are fully responsible for any warranty claims and actions.

Speak to PCW nicely and they may provide an instant replacement!.

  wee eddie 12:48 27 Nov 2007

If you bought this through your Business Account, different Conditions exist.

However, your appearance in PCW with it underneath your arm and a copy of the invoice in your hand, would likely persuade them to deal pleasantly with you.

If you use dulcet tones and explain that for the 1st year, the sorting out is their problem even though Samsung may be the repairer of first resort.

  adamscomputers 10:23 01 Dec 2007

Thanks for your replies, here's what happened: I took it back to PC world and was told that they couldn't do anything except refer me to Samsung, they also didn't believe I called customer services because they don't log calls! By the way it was 29 days since I had the monitor. So I was told Samsung would collect/replace the monitor! I stormed out (this sales advisor was rude, and didn't care too much) and said I would be complaining. Next, I phoned up Customer Care, was referred to Customer Services (is there much difference?) and again was told its not possible, so I challenged them again! They said to check with the store manager and I asked if she could do it, she did and told me that it would be replaced if I went in to the store!!! When I got there, they replaced it, but I had to wait 15 minutes!!

Where in the world? Not PC WORLD!!

  spuds 10:57 01 Dec 2007

This run-around procedure seem to happen on far to many occasions, and its about it was stopped. PC World should have competent staff available, who should be fully aware of their customers legal consumer rights. Consumer rights are nothing new, especially to big companies like PC World and the DSG Group, they deal with it everyday.

Perhaps a relevant letter to PC World, with a copy to the store could be justified?.

  techie4me 11:15 01 Dec 2007

Didn't BBC Watchdog do a feature earlier in the year about PCWorld and the issue over getting items replaced if broken?

They PCWorld i think stated they would improve their service?
May be this will happen in 2008 or 2009 or 2010 etc!

  100andthirty 18:48 01 Dec 2007

I don't have a Samsung, but let me tell you my experience with Philips. It might encourage you to ignore PC World. My Philips monitor started playing up (purple stripe on screen). Having established that it was the monitor and not the computer or lead, Philips said they would deliver a new monitor, connecte it and take the old one away. Viewsonic's warranty is similar. Look carefully at the Samsung warranty. I suspect they care about their reputation even if PC World don't.

  papa lazarous 15:51 02 Dec 2007

I don't want to go against what anyone has said here already but re-reading all of the posts again, most of which are quick to put down PCW, it reads as if the monitor was working normally for 1 month (27/10 - 27/11) and then it just cracked?

Surely if the monitor was cracked at purchase it would have been seen straight away? If there was a manufacturing fault with excess pressure on the lcd panel then a crack would have appeared during unpacking as it was being moved. For a monitor to sit on a desk for a month then crack by itself is very unusual and I can see why PCW were reluctant to take it back. It's like buying a car and then taking it back a month later saying 'a dent just appeared on it'.

There is a difference between a fault (line on screen, no backlight etc) and damage (crack, scratch). Try calling any manufacturer Samsung, Philips - whoever and getting them to swap a damaged item.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:31 02 Dec 2007



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