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  wmm 23:41 21 Apr 2004

I purchased Kodak DX4530 + printer dock at a bundled price. On opening the printer dock box, I discovered that it was obviously a returned item, as the software and setup manual was for the camera, prev customer must have mixed up the items. On returning items to PCWorld (return trip of 90 miles), the girl assured me that although it was a returned item, it had not actually been used, (how she knew this I do not know)and she would get me the correct software and manual. I requested an unopened printer dock, but was told none were available, and was given no reason as to why I had been sold as new a return. I declined to keep the return and was given a full refund for the camera and printer. My point is, that the assistant took back all of the goods without examining that everything was as it should be. I had tested the camera when I got home, and then realising I might have to return it, I formatted the internal memory, but what if I had not? Could this be the reason that customers end up buying PC's/laptops that contain other customer's data. To my mind 2 glaring errors by PCWorld. Selling as new something that was clearly not, and not checking properly when someone does return something.

  spuds 01:04 22 Apr 2004

This is an on-going problem with PCW, or at least so it seems. PCW keep assuring us that they now have a very stringent returns policy, whether the assistant will sent this back for checking, or just put it back on the shelf, is another matter.As it is obvious that you are concered, otherwise you would not have placed the matter on the forum, I would suggest that you write to the DSG/PCW main customer services and express your views, and see what their reply will be.I would also mention that you had the inconvenience of the 90 mile return trip, and that due to their error, some form of compensation is due to you.

Strangely as it may seem. I was in a Curry's [DSG Group]store last week, and a couple were returning a 'new'vcr which they had purchased 2 hours earlier. When they had opened the box and checked the vcr, they found someone had left a vhs tape in the machine. Makes you think doesn't it!.

  Q-Bie 21:20 22 Apr 2004

Theres a new EPOS system currently being rolled out across all DSG stores, and one of the main new improvements in it is how returned, exchanged goods are handles in store. Items when they're returned now have to be entered in the system as either pristine or non pristine, and if in not perfect condition you have to tell the system what is missing/damaged/broken etc..

It then prints out a barcode which goes over the barcode on the product, and the goes on the shelves. This label says the condition of the product. And also when it's scanned in at the till it knows that this is the item that was previously returned.. this is missing.. etc....

I can't wait :D

All PCW stores at least will have this in the next 12 weeks, not sure about currys. The Link have it already, although the PCW version is a newer version..

This should help this kinda thing a lot, in fact this new system addresses a lot of flaws in PCW procedure and our current REPOS system which has been in use for quite a few years...!


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