PCWorld memory cheaper than Crucial

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:32 25 Feb 2003

About order 4x256, 168 pin of ram for two PB Pulsar 600s at £39.99 ea from Crucial(£159.75) when I popped in to PCWorld and lo and behold they were flogging the same type for £34.99 (£139.96)and it wasn't on special offer! The delivery was about 10 seconds. ;-))

Anyone considering beefing uo their RAM may like to check out PCWorld first.


  Djohn 17:45 25 Feb 2003

GANDALF <|:-)>, thank you for the information. Is it the same brand of memory, or just the same type? J.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:58 25 Feb 2003

Same type but I've used PCW memory before with no problems.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:05 25 Feb 2003

Forgot to mention that the make is Kingston and they seem to be a huge, worldwide company and apparently have recently won an award.........good enough for me.click here


  Djohn 18:07 25 Feb 2003

Many thanks, will pop up there tomorrow. :o)

  bda72 21:40 25 Feb 2003

Sticking up for crucial...it's not just the brand name or cost but the level of service, with crucial you can be confident problems should be fixed easily which can be more important than a small saving.
That said Kingston do have a good name..................better than PCWorld anyway;)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:16 25 Feb 2003

From my experience if any of the RAM does not function PCW will replace it straight away. Kingston is a well respected manufacturer and there is no reason to think that Crucials' supplier is any better/worse (might even be Kingston).

I've not compared the other RAM prices but the type that I bought is fairly common. Personally I do not consider £20 a small saving. ;-))))


  Ben Avery 22:27 25 Feb 2003

...memory is supposedly the 2nd best brand after crucial so should have no problems there at all.

Of course, for those who are unsure of what they want, the advantage of the Crucial website is their "Which MoBo" search for the correct brand.

If you know what you want however, and have easy access to a PCWorld, I'd go with the wizard on this one!


Ram is really starting to Drop now - PC2700 (DDR)

256 Mb From Crucial = £31.71 (Inc Vat)

256 Mb From Watford Electronics = £23.50 (Inc Vat)

click here

  davidg_richmond 15:15 26 Feb 2003

bought some memory from pc world (168pin 128Mb unbranded) for about £24 a year and a half ago. system became unstable but turned out it was a config problem and soundcard incompatibility. pc world swapped the memory no problem after 2-3 months and even kept the price the same after they had risen for me. i may be an employee of another part of the group but they did not know this at the time.

off to pc world tomorrow to get upgrades for a friends PB 9650

  two00lbwaster 15:52 26 Feb 2003

er gandalf did you notice that this was cl2 rated pc100 ram from crucial which is becoming more and more outdated thus the increase we are seeing now. what was the rating or your memory you got from pcworld??

crucials advisor does guarentee operation but then most pc133 168 dimms will work in most mobos apart from single sided dimms which have problems in older mobos

so still not a bad deal which ever way as long as you can get yourself to a pcworld and you take into the account of train/bus/car expenses

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