pcworld and how long is there shortly?

  josie mayhem 22:42 16 Jan 2004

How long is ment by 'shortly' in my personal opinon it is within a couple of hours after the oridginal e-mail was sent, saying that the next would be sent 'shortly'

To cut a long story on Tuesday I recieved a e-mail from pcworld, comfirming my order and telling me that another e-mail, detailing delivery arrangments would follow 'shortly'

By thursday morning I still hadn't recieved this 'shortly' deliverly e-mail. So I sent them an e-mail requesting the above details, that was yesterday (thursday) I haven't heard a thing, either concerning the delivery details or a reply to my e-mail.

I've tried to get into my account on there web site, to no avail. Ringing customer services is hard, as at the moment I have a heavy work load 10-12 hours a day, and the last thing I want to do is muck about on a phone, also the items ordered is a suprise, so would have to pick my time phoning.


1, do they work at weekends?

2, How long to they call short?

3, will and how long does it take then to answer an e-mail?

And how long should I give before I start getting angery rather than fed up, I don't mind if they tell me that delivery won't take place for another fortnight, as the longer span they give me, makes it easier to arrange that I will be home. I just don't like not knowing.


I've checked the stock on the web site, for the items that I've ordered, and it says that the items are still in stock.

  Forum Editor 22:53 16 Jan 2004

the word 'shortly' can refer to differnet time periods, it's contextual. In January I might say that it will shortly be spring, and everyone would understand. At two in the afternoon I might say it will shortly be teatime, and everyone will still understand.

In your case I agree with you that being told on a Tuesday that I would shortly receive an email about delivery of my order would tend to make me expect it by Thursday at the latest - maybe Friday if I stretched it.

If nothing comes by Monday I think you'll have to find time to phone PCW.

  josie mayhem 23:21 16 Jan 2004

I'm glad that I'm not being unreasonable, about my concideration of the aspect of how many hours/days 'shortly' is concidered fair.

I always find that when dealing with matters of these sorts, arming yourself with has much info, before you phone, gives you the edge, and normaly keeps things less aggivated, and helps you get your way.

But I dread them all the same! The last time I had cause to talk to pcword over the phone, was because I had a querry with my local store (15 miles away) but no local number on till reciept, only national and there phone operator would not put me through to that store, customer care could take care of it, and then suggested that I spent £1 on there tech support line. Which I didn't do, it was cheaper and most likely quicker to drive to the store itself, problem resolved in about 10 minutes flat.

But if by the time I get home from work on monday afternoon, and no e-mail waiting for me, then I shall having a slightly turse conversation with them. I shall post back what happens.


Then length of the piece of string, depends on what job I'm doing!

  sdf 00:19 17 Jan 2004

Ive been told by PC Advisor that quote "at this time of year all orders are subject to 10-14 days processing. I will be emailed the day my order is dispacted." this is an order placed late LAST YEAR!they took the money the day after the order was placed on the web site (to me a sure fire sign my order was being processed) but as yet no sign of the item or order. I do not plan to be buying from PCW again! I'm used to (bah one or two examples) getting the item within a week of the order being placed! it was only that PWC were the only people to have what I was looking for!

  spuds 11:21 17 Jan 2004

That's the advantage of in-store shopping, especially at PCW, go into the store,see it on display, pay for it, then take it home. Sometimes the internet 'cheaper' price, is not worth it in the long term.

I have purchased items via the internet, with the magic 'in stock'wording, in one case 19 days later the item finally arrives.

  rickf 11:29 17 Jan 2004

I can't understand why you would want to shop pcw online when a) they have stores 2) prices are not particularly good ag. online retailers 3) Plenty of online retailers who would deliver next day 4) pcw is not strictly speaking an online retaler. Having said the above, I sympathise with you and yes, I agree with you that shortly should not mean a few days in this particular instance. The electronic age and all that. After all you did shop online.

  Forum Editor 13:11 17 Jan 2004

I hope you mean PC World, sdf.

Freudian slip?

  josie mayhem 13:15 17 Jan 2004

Why did I do it?

Time! ( I don't get enough time, many day I wish there were 48 hours in a day)

I resorted to ordering on there web site, because they didn't have what I wanted in store, but apparently they did over the web.

In my area we are very limited with computer shops, even for me pcworld, is 15miles away, and the two local shops, one is very good, but doesn't carry a lot of stock, and really if the truth was spoken is bases more on repaire and maintenance, and the other which is slightly larger and carries a larger stock, I've boycatted due to the fact, the times I've purchased stuff there I've found them to be very pateronizing towards me.

In fact the last time I brought there the whole transaction, went like this. I asked about a graphichs card (anything like this is behind the counter area, and my sight isn't good enough to read spec details from a distance)he then made a querry with my husband, who's reply, the wifes knows about that stuff, is all swearing to me! So instead of directing answers at me, I asked, he explained to Les and Les told me, and I replied to the sales bloke and so on.

And the fact, yes it was cheaper and I wasn't very desparate for the items, tempted me.

O' well we all learn by hour mastakes, at least I've got a couple of days to concider weather to cancel my order or not on monday afternoon, depending on what answers I get if any!

  sdf 13:42 17 Jan 2004

Sorry FE yes I meant told by PC WORLD!!! *hides head in shame*. And the reason I ordered from PC World online as opposed to the web is, like josie I havent really had enough time to fight my way to my nearest PC world (last time I did it was a 2 hour nightmare!) and the item in question is £30 more expensive in store the online (inc. delivery) on top of that there is the petrol to get there and the car parking (as the PC world car park is ALWAYS full!) so, if only from a monitary point of view, it just made more sense to get it online.

  josie mayhem 13:06 19 Jan 2004

It seems in the eyes of pcworld, that shortly equates to mean several weeks!

I just phoned customer services, you gussed still no e-mails. The basic out come, after I got passed the little bit, saying because of the new year rush, that orders might be delayed a couple of days, allow an extra 5 days.

Was, after phoning stock control, that it could be another week, before they can give me any details when my order might turn up, and another 5-7 days before I get it, ordered 31/12/03 and it seems that I won't get my order until near the end of FEB.

I told them that this was disgusting, I had allowed time for it to be delivered, but it was getting to the stage that it was getting urgent that I recieved the items order, was there anything she could do, to push the order through dispatch quicker, hearing keys tapping, she reckons that she has put this request to head office, wonder what this means, after all they haven't replyed to my e-mail sent last thursday requesting information.

So sat here, deciding what to do next, to send daily e-mails complaining about wheres my order and replys, phone them up every day, hoping that I become such a pain in the bum, they send it out quick, just to get rid of me or what?

At the moment I have been polite, but if they dare turn arround at the end of the day and tell me that it's out of stock, not only am I going to throw a beenie on the persons on the end of the phone, but I shall seriouly concider a small claims court, and sue the blighters, for holding money for a product, that they didn't have and had no intention of up-keeping the promise of delivery said order within 5-7 working days of order being made.

Sorry about the rant, but I do feel slightly a bit better for that.

  johnnyrocker 14:27 19 Jan 2004

go fer it;)


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