rscooby 22:09 20 Feb 2005

What should I do next?
This the brief story so far
In September last year I started a I.T course at North Warwickshire College, as my Packard Bell Imedia P.C. was on an extended warranty (£265 worth) I took in for a annual Health Check and as I expected been to be doing a lot more work, homework, research etc purchased some more RAM and Norton Anti-Virus 2005 on the recommendation of the P.C. World staff that was on the 17th October 04.
After about a week the computer started to make loud whirling noises, which sounded like a mechanical break down. So I made the 30 mile round trip over to PC World Coventry as I was told at the health check, if I have any problems them bring and come straight back to them.
I was informed by the staff there that my hard drive activator had gone and if I left the PC there it would take two to three weeks to be fixed but if I took it away, phoned PC services they would come out next day and replace it.
Well three days later and several hours on the phone and getting through they decide they would come out to replace the hard drive of course it was Friday by now and they don’t come out over the weekend.
Anyway the hard drive was replaced and a re-in store done but the computer started crashing and freezing so after another couple of days and hours trying to get through on the phone I decided to go back to the PC world store Coventry.
I explained to the staff that I was only a college course and could do with been sorted sooner rather than later, I was asked to supply my master floppy disk and install disks, so they could run Mem tests and do a re-install. Anyway to cut a long story short, the motherboard was replaced eventually, the floppy and install disks were lost, its was fixed supposedly with Norton Ghost, went back because the USB ports didn’t work, then went back with the same problem of crashing and freezing that was happening after the hard drive was fixed. I was asked to replaced the missing disks myself as it would be quicker ! for me to get them and I would be refunded, that was at the start of January 05. At this point I wrote to P.C. World Customer Services (16 January 05). I was told to take the disks to the Coventry store as soon as they arrived and it would be sorted !! On the 5th February I got a phone call from Gary Frogett of Customer Services informing my P.C. was been wrote off and I would receive vouchers within the next 5 to 7 days to replace my P.C. Well now two weeks later and I have had to make more phone calls and another trip to the store to find out what’s happening, I am going away this weekend coming on a pre booked working holiday, so I am looking at been with out my P.C for a total of 6 months, and a mountain of homework which I will probably have to a week of work to catch up on.
I have stayed clam and tried to reasonable, understood that mistakes happen, done what I can to try and sort out the problem and get my P.C back, but the stress is starting to tell, I really feel they are taken the *[email protected]: now.

  stalion 22:19 20 Feb 2005

I think yoyu have been exceedingly patient and it seems that the people servicing your computer are not up to the job.What are the vouchers you will be getting are they to replace your computer with a new one?

  Forum Editor 23:39 20 Feb 2005

You've been more than understanding over this, and the time has come to be proactive. Based on what you've said, PC World have under-performed in spectacular fashion.

Compose a letter, addressed to the manager of the Coventry store, and outline the sequence of events. Keep it brief and to the point, and tell him/her that unless you can collect a new computer - equal to, or better in specification than your old machine - within 7 days you will take the matter to your Trading Standards office without further reference to PC World. Tell him that you have no intention of accepting any more lame excuses, and that unless this matter is resolved to your satisfaction immediately you will be consulting your solicitor with a view to further action against PC World for being in breach of the terms of your warranty.

The whole story seems to me to be a tale of PC World's inept and careless handling of your computer, and makes the words "customer service" seem like a joke. I'm astonished that a company the size of PC World can make such a hash of things - they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

  rscooby 18:11 21 Feb 2005

Thank for your response,i have had a phone call today from the store saying they have had the replacement vouchers from CoreCare(part of PC services/customer services as far as i know) and are only to replace my PC,they have been sent direct to the store so i can go there any time and pick up a replacement to the vaule of £437.03 which as it cost me £630 in Sept2001 is just todays market value!!i persume. I shall write to store as you advise and also tell them i am not excepting this offer.

  stalion 18:36 21 Feb 2005

beat me to it well said

  Dizzy Bob 20:09 21 Feb 2005


Why are you not prepared to accept the offer? As FE stated in his post, PCW should replace your machine with something of equal or better specification, as you bought your PC in 2001, i would suspect that practically anything available now would have a better spec? and £440 will give you a fairly good choice of base unit.

Dizzy Bob

  pipedream 20:18 21 Feb 2005

Annual health check? The phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" springs to mind...

  rscooby 22:13 21 Feb 2005

In reply to pipedream and Dizzy Bob, the health check is a part of the warranty.
yes i understand your point about the better spec, but with out no mention of compensation or even a good will jester for all the inconvenice. the 22hours on the phone, the 12 trips to the store the broken promises, the course work i've not been able to do,(a friend has now lent me a PC). I have only got that offer today because i chased it up as the voucher order had not been made, and its not the fact that i will get a better spec base unit, its the fact that its called customer service or at least thats what the add's on the tele and in the papers try and sell us and what you pay for with a extented warranty. Anyway thanks for the feedback will keep you informed.

  Dizzy Bob 22:24 21 Feb 2005

May I contact you via yellow envelope?

Dizzy Bob

  pipedream 23:26 21 Feb 2005

Hi, I wasn't suggesting that you shouldn't have taken it in - it just amazes me that a working PC could be trashed in this way (well, as it's PCW I suppose it doesn't amaze me really).

  Forum Editor 23:55 21 Feb 2005

Provided the company is replacing your computer with one that is of the same (or better) specification as the one which has been written off you should accept the offer, as Dizzy Bob says. The relative monetary values aren't relevant.

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