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  redsparrow 12:49 17 Feb 2008

I ordered one of these click here= last night on the pcworld website for collection in store today.

I get to the store today to pick it up, the guy goes to the warehouse and comes back with a "pre-owned product". I asked him if he had any ones that are still sealed, but apparently all the ones in the warehouse were pre-owned. I checked the contents of the box, everything was ok, but all the content packing had been ripped open. Apparently the person who bought it didnt realise you needed a modem.

If i hadn't have needed it so urgently, i would have left it and gone elsewhere. Tried to get a further discount at the till, no way.

Is it legal for pcworld to advertise a product on the website and not to mention that they are pre-owned? and should they be saying they have stock of an item for [email protected] if they do not have any brand new sealed items? comments please.

  Taff™ 13:03 17 Feb 2008

I don`t think PC World have done this deliberately and perhaps if the assistant had come back and said "Sorry we don`t have any but we have one that hasn`t been repackaged..." you might have a different slant on the story. On two occasions I`ve accepted a pre-owned product, one a cable router, without any problems with the end product. In both cases they had been re-shrink wrapped - I tend to throw the packaging away myself. ;o)

From their terms and conditions:

We try to make sure that [email protected] goods always remain available for purchase until you arrive at the store, however we cannot guarantee this. For this reason we do not take any payment from you until you come to our store.

Which I think is fair enough. Stock control systems aren`t infallible. You saved over £18 after all.

  merciarich 13:08 17 Feb 2008

They could do with giving people the option on the website though, even if it is to save a wasted journey

  redsparrow 14:06 17 Feb 2008

If the shop assistant had worded it another way, then yes i would have been happier. Its the fact that i ordered the item, but when i turned up they only had pre-owned. They would not have sold any between when i ordered and when i went to pick this up, because the shop was closed. If i had ordered it at the other store across the other side of the city i would like to think i would have got one which was new and still shrink wrapped with all internal items still sealed.

If i didn't need is so quickly i would have gone to the other store.

Stock control sytems aren't infallible, but this shows that when an item is returned to stock the same stock number is used. Surely if items are returned that have been opened/used, they should be allocated a different stock number or a prefix/suffix to show they are pre-owned, or is that showing common sense!! No wonder PCWorld have had so many problems in the past, selling pre-owned items as new and ending up giving out the personal details of the previous owner.

  Kemistri 17:16 17 Feb 2008

"Is it legal for PCW to advertise a product on the website and not to mention that they are pre-owned?"

To put it simply without going into details/exceptions/etc., goods must be as described and that includes not trying to provide second-hand goods without stating such prior to purchase.

  Kemistri 17:20 17 Feb 2008

Posted to soon.

That is just to answer your question as quoted. If you're wondering whether a seller can present an alternative in light of a stocking error, as it apparently did here, then of course it can and you have the right to walk away (or get a refund if payment has already been taken). But if it was trying to sell the second-hand stock knowing that it did not have any new stock to offer, that would be a different matter.

  ICF 17:22 17 Feb 2008

Pre owned = Second hand

So why pay for new you should have got a further discount.

  spuds 17:32 17 Feb 2008

The website advert doe's not mention that the item was or would be 'pre-owned' and as such you should have received a brand new security sealed boxed item, for the price advertised.

The store should have offered you the item with a further discount, like other 'high street retailers' would have possibly done.I am sure, if you take this up with PC World customer services, they will agree with this. This would have nothing to do with the collect from store price, as this is irrelevant in this case.

Buying a 'pre-owned' item can lead to other possibilities, such as why was it returned, as it been checked for problems before it was re-issued, will the manufacturer accept the optional warranty, as the item is now at least second-hand.

It would have worried me slightly, if the store assistant had informed me that all their stocks had been returns or 'pre-owned', and were not being sold as a clearance line. Why had such a number been returned!.

  redsparrow 17:42 17 Feb 2008

tks for the comments and advice.

I think i will take this up with PCWorld customer services and see what they have to say on the matter.

Maybe i should have just walked away and got one from somewhere else, but the price and availability was to good to pass up on.

Must admit it did worry me about why so many had been returned. But i live in Hull (work near grantham )and cable is not available, so seems plausable that people buy these things and then realise they cannot use it. Will see if it works tonight when i get back to work and install it.

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