celestine 19:54 24 Aug 2010

The latest criminal act soon to be exposed with pcworld is that they now sell refurbished laptops as new one and still insist they will not change it. It was a bad day on 02 July that I went to pcworld in Hutcheon str. Aberdeen to buy a laptop for my studies. Coincidently, I made a trip. Believe me that since that day for two weeks the wireless card never worked. I returned it to the store and they claim they fixed it, took it to University of Aberdeen and it never worked. I was told by the technicians from Uniaberdeen that the system from the log has been worked on even before i bought and same problem. I returned it, and up till now there is no word from them. The useless customer service they have told me I have no standard insurance to get a new one. Can someone advice me on what to do. Thanks

  tullie 20:10 24 Aug 2010

Think you may be in trouble with this one,stand by.

  celestine 20:27 24 Aug 2010

@Tullie. Are you saying they will never fixed it or give me a new system?

  tullie 20:43 24 Aug 2010

I am saying that you cant accuse someone of a criminal act or theft on an open forum like this.It could lead to serious repercussions for the site,and yourself.

  wee eddie 20:44 24 Aug 2010

However your lack of English probably excuses you.

To achieve a result you will need to assemble all the evidence that you can.

Any Paper work, Invoices, Guarantees, anything that will help to show that the machine they sold you was "as new".

Also it might help if you could get the University Staff, who looked at the Laptop to put their observations in writing, preferably on the University's headed paper.

Then you need to approach PCW, preferably with someone who is a Native English Speaker, (I know even in the Granite City there are those fluent in the lingo) with a controlled, quietly firm manner and put your case, showing them your Documentation but keeping it and giving them photocopies.

I think that they are obliged to replace the Laptop if you pointed out the problem in the first 28 days (under their own Terms & Conditions).

Others will give you more details of you Legal Rights, but first you must have ready some proof of Dates & Amounts and notes on what you have been told by their Staff.

Good Luck

  celestine 20:52 24 Aug 2010

@Tullie. This is not accusations that is unfonded. I have three friends who I happened to discuss with and they bought laptop from same people and one problem or the other. Cant we have real business people without cheating others? What annoys me is that the day I went to collect the supposely fixed laptop,My blackberry was stolen on the bus. And you are telling me of repercusion for saying the truth.

@Wee Eddie. Thank you for your advice. I have every document intact.

  iscanut 21:44 24 Aug 2010

What Tullie is saying, correctly, is that you cannot accuse PC World of being criminals. I am sure yiy feel hard done by BUT you must have real, hard evidence that someone is a criminal rather than just your opinion. As Tullie says, you can leave yourself open to legal action yourself.

  Forum Editor 23:16 24 Aug 2010

you must not make allegations of a criminal offence unless you have evidence to show that what you say is a fact.

If you have indeed been sold a secondhand laptop instead of a new one you are entitled to a full refund of your money, or a brand new machine. You must however be in a position to back up your claim, and you'll need to provide some kind of evidence.

A new laptop will often have a protective adhesive film in several places - over the screen, and sometimes over other shiny plastic parts; did you remove any such film when you first used the computer?

Was the box still factory sealed before you opened it?

When you first switched it on, did Windows offer you an introductory tour?

How long was it before you returned to the store after purchasing the laptop?

You say you returned the machine - does that mean it is still in the store, and did you get a return receipt for it?

  timsmith259 01:08 25 Aug 2010

Allegations of criminal offence or have you been stung by pc world not doing any work you have asked them to do for you as you have requested.

You cant accuse them but you can worn others by rephrasing what you said as in be careful of how your computer is handled at pc world, as in my case they have not completed the work I asked them to complete.

That way you r accusing anyone but just letting others know of what happened to you.

FE doesn't like accusations of any kind unless you can back them up so you cant say ripped off or accuse them of fraud or any word suggesting these things.

So just rephrase what you've written without accusing them of breaking the law, unless you have concrete proof or have reported the crime to the police with a police reference number to back you up.

  timsmith259 01:11 25 Aug 2010

Its pretty amazing this tullie tiger person doesn't seem to post any problems he faces only replies without good solutions.

Then again im inclined to think they are very sensitive

  wee eddie 02:03 25 Aug 2010

Such an accusation, as in the Title of this Thread, could leave the Forum open to Prosecution

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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