PCW price match?

  lisa02 09:29 11 Feb 2008

click here

it seems they do but can someone confirm if it's just the website or can I go in store?

  Zaphod 3 09:57 11 Feb 2008

Print the page out at home, and take it with you. It is only certain places they match with though. Did it the other week with some Epson cartridges £35 at PCW £21 at Amazon. In the end matched at PCW and no wait.

  papa lazarous 11:16 11 Feb 2008

The policy is actually 'Price Match +10%' so if something is £10 cheaper you get £11 off.

There should be a list of the companies that are matched on the PCW website.

The item has to be exactly the same make and model so for example if the cheaper item is OEM but the PCW item is the retail version then it won't get matched. If the other retailer is selling them at a ridiculously low price and is therefore out of stock then, again, the price will not be matched. The price must also include delivery. So if the item is £5 cheaper but delivery is £6 then it won't get matched.

  lisa02 11:30 11 Feb 2008

It worked out well.

I went in asking them to price match with amazon uk on the IP4500 Canon. I told him the price £63.53.... PCW price is £79.99.

Came back 10 mins later and said you can have it we went to till and the total was £49.99. £30 off.

So thanks PCWorld!

  beeuuem 11:52 11 Feb 2008

Thank you for that information!
I paid £63-47 for my ip4500.
Nothing hurts more than thinking you have had bargain and then finding that it wasn't.
On the other hand, it was delivered free of charge and if it depended on me getting to PCW I'd still be waiting.

I hope that you are as happy with your ip4500 as I am with mine.

  lisa02 11:58 11 Feb 2008

I'm impressed with it except no card reader or screen. Though it has a better print resolution and full duplex printing...

It's small, compact and the software is much better compared to the Epson I had and it matches my other kit.

So overall 8.5 out of 10

  beeuuem 14:13 11 Feb 2008

You are hard to please, aren't you!!

  beeuuem 14:15 11 Feb 2008

And it was only £49-99

  lisa02 16:54 11 Feb 2008

It'll get 10 out of 10 if it pays for the ink and paper :D

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