PCW: PC with XP Home labelled XP Pro

  redmark 18:01 29 Dec 2005


As in the title: just bought a very nice PC (Packard Bell iPOWER 6610) from PCW, labelled on the (cardboard) box XP Pro, labelled on the PC case XP Home, with XP Home installed.

If I'd known it was XP Home, it wasn't quite such good value... a difference of £169. I need XP Pro and had costed it in with all comparisons. PCW on the phone have been reasonably nice, but say I have to package up the PC, take it back, have it booted up by a sales assistance to verify the mistake and have it replaced with an equivalent PC with XP Pro installed (not available), or money refunded. My suggestion that they could much more easily just give me a XP Pro Upgrade version to provide the labelled OS is apparently not allowed (alternatively, "copyright" or "mess up your recovery software").

I appreciate PCW don't really want to give away £169 worth of OS upgrade software, but then why should I lose more than that to take time off work to package and return the PC and get my money back and/or get a replacement? Ultimately, I'll now keep the PC even if I have to pay £169 to upgrade to XP Pro, but surely PCW should pay for false labelling?

  wee eddie 18:19 29 Dec 2005

PCW are open 7 days a week, so you should be able to find some time to go down there.

While I am sure that you are not incorrect in what you say, there are some folk that are not so honest and PCW are within their rights to check that what you say is correct.

If they are going to replace the PC it will have to be boxed by you to return anyway.

  Stuartli 19:50 29 Dec 2005

Is it actually XP Home that is installed?

With SP2 installed, the opening Windows XP screen says just that, whether it's Home or Pro.

If you go to My Computer>Properties>General tab, the version of XP installed will be listed along with SP2 if appropriate (almost certain).

  wjrt 21:58 29 Dec 2005

click here

if this is it then indeed XP Home as specs

  wee eddie 22:12 29 Dec 2005

"As in the title: just bought a very nice PC (Packard Bell iPOWER 6610) from PCW, labelled on the (cardboard) box XP Pro, labelled on the PC case XP Home, with XP Home installed."

IN PCW there are PC's on display. When you order your PC, it is generally collected from storage by a member of staff and, if there are several cases, you meet it at a prearranged place. Frequently the Checkout.

Smaller items are, of course on their shelves, as are a small number of the PC's.

Where, and when, did you gather the information that the Unit you had bought had XP Pro installed.

  Forum Editor 00:16 30 Dec 2005

you mean that your computer's box said XP Pro, and the case label says XP Home.

Make absolutely sure by carrying out Stuartli's test, and if it is indeed XP home, and you bought the machine on the understanding that it was XP Pro then you are entitled to a full refund, or another machine. You aren't entitled to a retail upgrade pack because your machine will have a OEM copy of Windows on it.

I think PC World have reacted fairly, and it's up to you to decide what you want to do next. You seem to have made that decision, so why don't you ask PC World if they'll offer you some other form of recompense - maybe a voucher?

  Sharpamatt 06:55 30 Dec 2005

If the box clearly stated XP Pro, then without doubt its a mistake. the site clearly states its the Home edition.

My recomendation is if your not happy take it back, the incorrect box clearly shows its not your fault, and its one PCW cannot take the blame for.

They dont have to give you the correct software as its a makers package.

I would not take vouchers, but would request a full refund of the price you paid. Make it clear you intend going elsewhere to purchase. ( this may prompt te software offered )

I have no doubts you will find those specs, at a cheaper price and with a better waranty. allowing you enought left over to purchase XP Pro

But rember most recovery software from many makers will be lost if you install a full copy of the operating system

  DarthFletcher 02:41 01 Jan 2006


It wouldn't be our fault of the labelling mistake done at the Packard Bell factory, but when you was buying the PC did you not ask what version of OS it had installed - about 90% of the PC we carry in store are Home and the other 10% are now Media centres, very rare to see Pro on a PC which isnt bought from the business cat.

There really isnt much difference between the Home and Pro versions of XP other than securer and faster networking, and most domestic customers dont require it.

Sharpermatt "I would not take vouchers, but would request a full refund of the price you paid. Make it clear you intend going elsewhere to purchase. ( this may prompt te software offered )"

"my advise dont try this tactic - A: it never works and B: PCW wouldnt allow £100 software to be given free on this issue - as you are aware we dont sell nor stock OEM XP Pro! we carry the full Retail Box

  Sharpamatt 07:24 01 Jan 2006

Stateing not to try " This Tactic " seems to be that of an employee of PCW.

Its irrespictive of what a customer asks staff at the time of purchase. Any item must be as discribed, and any customer cannot be expectaded to open a package to see if whats inside differes from the discription on the box.

I only added the fact that this may prompt a software offer, my advice was a full refund and go elsewhere. The fact remains.

A The Box is labeled XP Pro.
B The Contents are not XP Pro
C The custumer is entitled to ecpect to receive what is stated on the Box.

In the case of a genuine mistake the option of a full refund

I might also add the question as to if your are offering a full version of XP Pro for £100, or is this a PC world offer, of state a price. some £60 below what it is

  fitcher 11:48 01 Jan 2006

it is good that pc world offer a full version of xp pro ..or home xp for that matter ,as other firms only give a rescue disk ..I have xp pro..on my laptop and xp home on pc ..and frankly there is hardly any difference to me .and yes//// I have it net worked ..

  SG Atlantis® 12:22 01 Jan 2006

If they are offerring a refund or exchange then fair enough. As FE says maybe they might even offer some sort of other recompense if you ask nicely and want to keep the machine. How about a discount of the retail software?

On a different note, on the POS in the store my machine was labelled as amd64 3200. They brought the box out and it was actually a 3700!

Superb. But yes I think PCW is being fair in this instance, by offering a refund or an exchange.

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