biker_ted 23:10 25 Sep 2007

On the strength of PC Advisor, I ordered a Zoostorm 2-6402 from PCNextDay costing around £850. No cheapy by todays standards, but sufficient for my needs. Ten days later I was still waiting & after a couple of prompts by email (no number available to phone)it duly arrived - minus keyboard, mouse, UK mains leads & wifi aerial but plus some loose screws rattling around inside, and a front which fell off. Another email led to a phone number - hooray, spoke to someone who will get bits sent. Meanwhile, checked out PC with bits from my other PC. Fan comes on - but not PC - nothing. I think I've been stung! Wasted enough time with PCTenDay - want my money back!

  Forum Editor 23:23 25 Sep 2007

you need to tell the company immediately, and in writing - an email is legally acceptable.


You seem to have agreed with the company that they will send you the 'bits' that are missing - why did you do that if you want your money back? By agreeing to wait for parts to be sent you have weakened your case for a refund, and you've also done that by checking out the PC "with bits from my other PC".

The company may now refuse to take the machine back.

  biker_ted 08:45 26 Sep 2007

The "bits" I referred to were a keyboard, mouse & power leads - what anyone would expect to be included with a machine. I have the impression that this was a machine tucked in a corner somewhere that was hurried rushed out to me after prompting via email. I have checked the spec again & realise that the sound system is also missing! I appreciate your comments, but PCNextDay infers to me just that. I could only contact the company via email - no phone number published. I expected a lot more, particularly as PCA gave such a good review of the company. Consequently I was so so disappointed. Hence I want to shop elsewhere, and why I want my money back.

  961 09:42 26 Sep 2007

I find it difficult to understand why a company selling a product for £850 should either wish to send it to the customer in the condition described, or be surprised when the customer feels upset about it

If I can screw the bits of a computer together and get the result to perform properly, why can't someone who seeks to sell his products to the public?

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