murphio 16:24 25 Oct 2005

Hi, apologies for posting this in the wrong forum last time guys. I came across this site: click here and they build pcs with high spec components for what seems like cheap. Has anybody had any experience of dealing with these guys? This is a pc they priced for me. CPU: AMD® ATHLON® 64BIT 3800 (Venice) 512kb L2 Cache (939 pin)


Motherboard: ASUS® A8N-SLI DELUXE: DUAL DDR, S-ATA, 2 x x16 VGA, 3 PCI


Hard Drive: SATA 250 GB HARD DISK @ 7200rpm 8mb cache


CD/DVD Writer: 4x +R DUAL LYR DVD WRITER (16x +/-R) (& RW) + 40x CD-RW

Graphics Card: 512MB RADEON X700 PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT

Sound Card: SoundBlaster Audigy SE 7.1 24-bit (Digital & Analogue): £16

Modem: 56K MODEM

Network Facilities: 2 x 10/100/1000 GIGABIT LAN PORTS ONBOARD


Case: Stylish Silver X-Plode Case + 2 Front USB

Firewire & Video Editing: 1 x FIREWIRE PORT ONBOARD TOTAL: £825 inc vat and delivery I have compared prices with the likes of Cube and this seems the cheapest going. Can anybody advise me before I take the plunge. Is this a good deal, are the company reliable etc. They have very good testimonials but then I doubt they would include the bad ones on their site. Cheers in advance, Nick

  Starfox 16:51 25 Oct 2005

Can't get your link to work,is this the one click here

  murphio 17:02 25 Oct 2005

Hi Starfox...yeah thats the one. they are actually called pcspecialist.co.uk (no s) Any info would be a huge help.

  Starfox 17:03 25 Oct 2005

Personally I would never deal with a company that do not accept credit cards,click here

Type PC Specialist into the search area at the top left of this page for enlightenment,it would appear they are a fairly new company who believe it or not are located in the next village to where I live.

  Starfox 17:07 25 Oct 2005

There are no complaints about them that I can find,but as I said I would not buy an item like this unless I was using my credit card.

  murphio 17:21 25 Oct 2005

Hi again Starfox
According to this.... click here ....they allow credit card payments. If I pay by thid credit card method, would I be covered for losses??

  harps1h 17:29 25 Oct 2005

yes you would. if anything goes wrong then the credit card are equally liable for your loss. information is well documented on this site.

  Starfox 17:57 25 Oct 2005

"I would not buy an item like this unless I was using my credit card. "

Well that has removed that obstacle,so that combined with the absence of any complaints against them would appear to make them a reasonably good bet!If they have what you want why not give them a try?

  Trizt 02:40 31 Oct 2005

I'm in the process of sorting out the purchase of a new computer (the first one I've had to arrange to buy by myself) And I stumbled upon pcspecialist.co.uk - The prices seem okay, and they have some excellent options for customisation but I am a bit concerned by the confusion around payment. If I spec and order a system costing £2500, according to the site (click here) that will cost a total of about £3100 using the 36 month plan. Bit of a silly question, but why is this? Is it because of the payments-over-time option? (According to that page there is no 'all in one go' payment option...) Is this why the computers seem so cheap, because they tack on an extra unavoidable £500 at the end of it? Or is this normal for computers (mandatory paying-over-time and the extra fees for this).
Lastly, if I pay using the (slightly hidden) credit card options, will I be able to pay all at once, and if so will I still incur the £500-odd extra charge that was with the payment-over-time thingy?

Thanks in advance,

  Harpur 20:23 31 Oct 2005

according to the site (click here) that will cost a total of about £3100 using the 36 month plan. Bit of a silly question, but why is this?

this is because you are paying interest on the loan for the privilage of borrowing the money. at 19.9% this is very high and there would be better value through a personal loan at 6.4%. however if you do borrow put the money into your credit card snd make the purchase that way for protection. also get a firm confirmation of the components that are to be supplied as this is what has to be fitted. if they cannot supply the ordered goods they are under an obligation to supply an equal quality or better. should things go wrong then as said in the thread earlier the credit card company will fight your case as they become equally liable. you DO NOT have this protection any other way. i looked at their interest free option and this gives you a breathing space for up to 9 months, but be very careful that you pay it off inside that period or the rate is grotesque. again put in place what i said earlier in this reply. remember though with computer technology moving so fast investing such a high sum would need to have a good justification as in 6 months this system may only be worth i/2 what you pay now

  Murielson 1 02:34 27 Jun 2006

Been looking at pcspecialist and found this thread via search function. Does anyone have any up to date thoughts on buying a PC from these people now?

Many thanks

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