neilhartop 19:51 14 Nov 2008

Ive debated for a long time about doing this thread, but after my experience with pcoption.com I feel the need to tell of my experience. Tom Muir will no doubt send me an email about this thread (the owner of pcoption) but he cant accuse of me of anything other than telling the truth of whats happened to me. Its up to the reader to make up their own mind on the basis of my awful experience with this company.

After searching alot of websites I eventually bought a pc from 'pcoption.com' as it offers good prices.I placed my order on September the 12th this year. It took 7and a half weeks for everything to finally arrive. There was some mix up with the online payment which delayed by 2 weeks but took the company five weeks to deliver the pc.

In that time I have been given false delivery dates, rude customer service and had to make endless phone calls before I could get anything done. Things came to a head after I was told it would eventually be delivered on the Monday four weeks in, so I took Monday off work.

Nothing arrived.

Took Tuesday off work...guess what???? nothing arrived. I was furious as I wasnt told and lost two days of work. Every time I called I was promised a call back and only received a call back on half the occasions.

  neilhartop 19:52 14 Nov 2008

I lost count of how many times I called to get it sorted, only in return to receive nasty emails from Tom Muir himself. Tom you can deny this if you want but ive saved the emails and if anyone want to see them I can forward them on to you to see.

The I get an email out of the blue saying I had to pay an extra £30!!!! I phone them up to ask why, the girl doesn't even know herself on the other end of the phone, which is quickly passed on to Tom who gives my alot of technical jargon about this being a better motherboard and the one I ordered not being in stock. I give in and pay an extra £30 cause I just dont care at this stage, I just want my pc.

I cant describe the pressure this put my family under as I needed the pc to work from home and had to work at a colleagues house, missing out in time with my family, and loss of earnings from taking days off work from phantom deliveries. Tom eventually guaranteed me it would be there by next Friday.

it didn't arrive.

It eventually arrived the following Monday (6 weeks after payment)

But that's not the end of the story.....

When I opened the pc, the graphics card did not fit the case supplied as it was too big so someone at there company screwed it in at the front and as it didn't fit the slot it was severely bent at the front. There was a dent at the front of the case and oh yeah... the memory was unplugged and lying stuck at the bottom of the motherboard.

Might I just add part of the delay was testing the pc was working!?

things got worse when everything was plugged in as I constantly got blue screens of death and had to do a windows repair everytime the pc was restarted (I still do)

Oh and before I move on the speakers I ordered with the pc took another 1 and a half weeks to deliver, with four phone calls to their company and them having to re-order them to send out.

I have since spent a further £60 pounds on a new case that would house the graphics card, and a further £60 on pc repair companies tyring to get the pc to work properly. The final conclusion was that the motherboard was faulty from a pc expert I called round to diagnose the problem (laughable considering I payed extra for the board in the first place)

I asked Tom to send me out a new motherboard, he refused and said I have to send the faulty one back first. I tried to explain since his company had put me under some much hassle and the fact I have to work continuously from home I would appreciate him sending me out a new motherboard and having it installed straight away, then sending back the faulty one. I couldn't afford to be without a pc again for weeks on end again, and to be honest my wife probably would of divorced me if we as a family had to go through that again!

Tom said no and was unwilling to help me out and im unwilling to trust him or his company to keep their promise as I found them unreliable.

The final conclusion

I now have to fork out a further 140 pounds for a new motherboard and untill then im left with a faulty pc. for £1200 (plus a cheeky additional £30) I received a malfunctioning pc, a dented case, and bent graphics card, not properly tested or set up and a useless case that couldnt house all the componentsand utterly awful and unreliable delivery time. Ive now spent (inc £130 for a new motherboard) an additional £150 to get it all sorted.

I could of paid that extra cash and went to a company like overclockers or scan which are really good. But instead I got a cheap deal at a very high price

Tom you can reply to this and deny as much as you want, I have the emails and receipts for everyone that wants to know more and you can post under your alias as 'Gandalf' if you so wish but I have only told MY experience for others to be made aware of.

I will never ever buy anything from this company again and will buy from other companies in the future. I have learned from my mistakes and only wish I did more research and read other threads about this company before I spent all this money


Mr. Hartop

  ray7 21:41 14 Nov 2008

I am sorry to hear of your misfortune in your dealings with PC Option. It will not help you to know that there are many similar stories to yours on this forum, still some ongoing after a considerable time.
The thing that amazes me is PC Options own feed back forum,click here

Approx 60 postings, everyone awarding 5 stars. They must be doing something right or perhaps I am being naive........

  Joe R 21:53 14 Nov 2008

"They must be doing something right or perhaps I am being naive........"

Err yes :)

  lofty29 22:29 14 Nov 2008

how do you know that "the muir" is posting under an alias, better be sure of your facts or FE will be down upon you like a ton of bricks. Having said that it seems an all to common story from a number of people who bought from PCOptions.

  Forum Editor 00:47 15 Nov 2008

is that you have no way of knowing whether or not anyone at this company posts under an alias, and frankly it would be irrelevant, even if true.

Secondly, what I find hard to understand is why, if this computer had as many faults as you claim, you didn't simply return it for a full refund - why did you buy new hardware yourself, and pay third parties to rectify the faults?

Based purely on what you've said I conclude that this machine was 'not fit' under the terms of the sale of goods act, and should have been rejected. Again basing my opinion on what you've said, it seems that you have received little if any customer support from this company, and in your shoes I would be very annoyed indeed.

  neilhartop 05:07 15 Nov 2008

to the forum editor,

yes your completly right about having to send it back and get my money back. The reason I didnt do that was, like I said, I do work quite alot from home and at the time (and still now) have alot of company pressures and deadlines that take first prioty.

Secondly I looked at other threads about people returning pc's to the company and they seem to be having problems getting their money back. I dont have the luxuary of a further 5 weeks without a pc...and to be really truthful I dont have the willpower to fight this company any more for what I paid for.

I know I should, but Ive now cut my loses with them and moved on.

  Forum Editor 07:54 15 Nov 2008

for the clarification.

  ened 16:35 15 Nov 2008

Assuming everything you have written is accurate [I am not for one minute doubting you but we have not heard the other side to the story]is that if people carry on accepting this level of service the company is going to continue with this behaviour and other people are going to be parting with their cash and possibly losing out.

It seems that, despite all that has been said about this company both here and elsewhere, people are still being persuaded into giving them their business.

I think when someone has been so aggrieved they should seriously consider not letting a company off the hook so easily.

  Si_L 17:08 15 Nov 2008

I myself am on that list on the PC Option site (being one who had a good experience buying of them, twice infact), and I never gave them any sort of star feedback, so I guess the 5 star thing is just something they put on there for each review. I wouldn't have given 5 anyway, they sent me a duff mouse, and my graphics card didn't last long either, I would give them 4.

Anyway, these reviews are a very biased but what do you expect on their own website?

  ray7 19:43 15 Nov 2008

'Anyway, these reviews are a very biased but what do you expect on their own website?'


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