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  Jacee 21:46 05 Sep 2008

After having problems with a pc ordered from PCoption last month I found quite of lot of information about the company on this forum. Has anyone ever managed to get their money back or get their problem sorted out by these guys? The machine does not boot up properly and 'Tom' at Pcoption will not accept any responsibility because I installed AOL on the machine. The boot up problem occured before any other software installation. I'm left with a machine which often does not boot up, afraid to touch the machine incase it this gives Pcoption more amunition. I have found their after sales service unacceptable, phone lines have been closed when they should still be taking calls, I left a message but noone has called me back. Email correspondance has dried up. I would appreciate some advice. Thanks

  spuds 22:11 05 Sep 2008

Consumer Direct click here or you local Trading Standards - Consumer Advice Centre.

  Forum Editor 23:35 05 Sep 2008

is hardly a reason for a supplier to abdicate responsibility for its failure to boot. Perhaps you can clarify a couple of points:

1. When did you take delivery of the computer?

2. Which operating system was installed?

3. How soon after delivery did the booting problem start, and at what point in the startup process does it fail?

4. Have you installed any other software or hardware, and if so, what?

  Jacee 07:52 06 Sep 2008

It' is dad who ordered it, I'm trying to help him out as I feel responsible as I told him to get it from Pcoption! He ordered the machine on the 16th July and it arrived about two weeks later. I can find out the exact date if it is important.

The operating system is windows xp.

The boot up problems started pretty much straight away. From my experience when I switched it on, it boots up right to the end and then freezes on a splashscreen of some sort. Again I can obtain more accurate details.

No other hardware has been installed.

I removed AVG (which was not part of the original order) and installed Norton, although this was not sucessful as there were problems connecting to the internet vis AOL. Finally windows office has been installed. So in short, AOL, Norton and office.

  Forum Editor 08:08 06 Sep 2008

will have no adverse affect on a computer in terms of its ability to start, and neither should AOL or Norton.

It would be helpful to know precisely what the splash-screen says.

  Jacee 08:21 06 Sep 2008

from what I recall, its an image of pieces of hardware, I don't think it sais anything, but i will check with my father. Do you think I will be able to get my money back? or have I left it too late. Pcoption's terms and conditions state that basically they won't touch a machine with problems if you've installed your own software. Bit like buying a car but not being able to drive it!

  iscanut 10:41 06 Sep 2008

If PCOptions T&C state that the warranty/guaranatee is void if you install your own software is correct, then no one in their right mind would touch them. How can they say that you cannot do anything like this with the pc. Are you sure about this?

  spuds 11:07 06 Sep 2008

At this stage I would be a little hesitant regarding the company's terms and conditions. Consumer law as priority over a company's T&C, irrespective of what the company might say or suggest.

AOL,Norton and Office should have not effect on a new computer installation. Norton is perhaps known as being a little thirsty on resources, but its a worldwide respected and used product. With regards to AVG, this is freely available for personal use as an internet or promo disk option.

  Jacee 11:25 06 Sep 2008

The only helpful thing Pcoption did was to suggest that my Father reformat his hard drive. I think it's pretty shoddy to sell goods which should be fit for purpose and then tell a customer to correct an error.

Yes, the guy at PCOption has made it quite clear that he doesn't warranty 3rd party software. Crazy i know. I would never have used them if I had know this to begin with.He also suggested that it was the 'corrupt' AOL software which may be causing the problem! He did say he would fix it but I would have to pay for collection, delivery and the repair! My dad hasn't really used the machine at all. To be honest I'll probably pay for someone else to reapir it becuase I don't want the hassle or dealing with a company such as PcOption. I have contacted watchdog and told them that pcoption might be worth investigating after reading all the previous comments about the company. I would never use them again or recommend them to anyone.

Can anyone give me some instructions on how to re format the hard drive?

  spuds 11:44 06 Sep 2008

I would suggest that you do not consider any reformats at this stage, until further advice via the forum. Did the computer manufacturer provide all the relevant disks for re-installation or repair?.

At a later stage (if needed) or for future reference, you could check out these two websites click here click here

  GRIDD 12:13 06 Sep 2008

Third party software being installed won't affect the PC's warranty however it's not up the PC supplier to fix a failed install of AOL or whatever it is. Unless you can demonstrate that it's a fault in the PC that caused the install to go wrong.

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