PCNextday riuned our Christmas last year

  ps3christmas 02:55 08 Dec 2006

Ordered a family PC from PCNextday last year , was told it would coome in time for Christmas, did it hell!!!!! Our son was upset he couldn't play the pc games we bought him. And when the bloody thing arrived after christmas one of the speakers made a weird buzzin noise and the screen kept turning itself off!! Did they not test it before delivery? PCNextday is a joke!!!!!

  The Brigadier 09:31 08 Dec 2006

Well it's sad when something foes not turn up on time. What did PCNextday say about it all?

  Sic 10:59 08 Dec 2006

So why are you telling the world this some 12 months after the event? What was the outcome, how did PCNextday deal with the problem screen and speaker?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:08 08 Dec 2006

One would have thought that you would have got over this by now and your world would ahve moved on. I'm sure that if your son is still traumatised you could show him some photos of less fortunate children so that he might strike a balance between needs and expectations.


  Vangeliska 11:28 08 Dec 2006

One can always rely on G and Alf for words of comfort.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:24 08 Dec 2006

Th here comes s a time in life when one has the choice of pandering to someones' old rants that have no information as to the outcome ........or laying it straight. I would rather someone be realistic to me than pandering to my rants.............Of course we are *all* different.

It happened a year ago but in the same vein as you seem to be a fan of ressurrection...I would also encourage people never to buy Matchbox cars as the oner's that I bought invariably shed tyres which were loose fitting and as for Triang trains..........



  Vangeliska 12:36 08 Dec 2006

Guess you never complained to the makers of Matchbox cars, bit late to bring it up now.

  mammak 12:45 08 Dec 2006

what's wrong with what GANDALF <|:-)> said on his Fri, [email protected]:08 post? much more realistic approach in explaining a situation to a child, than banging on about a late christmas present 12 months after the event to a bunch of strangers!!

  Vangeliska 12:49 08 Dec 2006

Sigh, /eyes raise.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:12 08 Dec 2006

'Guess you never complained to the makers of Matchbox cars, bit late to bring it up now'..that was the whole point...bit late to bring it up but I'm afraid the irony flew past you.


  jimv7 14:45 08 Dec 2006

Now if it had been just delivered, that would be something to complain about.

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