pcnextday are not responding to emails

  harry1888 16:14 03 Oct 2006

Sick of sending emails to this mob, I thought I'd send one here to ease the tedium/irritation as I peer at the dusty old 14" crt monitor in front of me.

Bought a tft monitor from them which is within the manufacturers warranty as is the fault it has developed. Manufacturer has agreed to replace but needs confirmation of purchase from pc nextday. Great eh? You'd think so but......

pcnextday do not have a number you can call, its email only. You have a choice of sales/technical/enquiries/customerservices/accounts @pcnextday to send your email(s) to, doesnt matter which one because it wont be replied to.

Just off to check my inbox before I hit send in case the response that I've been waiting days for has finally arrived..............

Nope, thought not.

  spuds 17:50 03 Oct 2006

Didn't you receive an invoice, computer print-out or credit/debit card receipt. If so, this should be acceptable,as proof of purchase, I would think!.

  961 17:55 03 Oct 2006

nothing new there then!

  harry1888 18:07 03 Oct 2006

Hi Spuds

Yes I do. Emailed them to manufacturer (iiyama) but they insist that pcnextouseless fax a copy of the invoice to them. Therein lies the prob! Would take a couple of minutes. Stupid really as you tend to voice your frustrations on pages such as these which tend to be read by those considering an online purchase. Neglect this part of the service and you will get found out, and rightly so.

  garyworcester 23:45 04 Oct 2006

pcnextday [pc next day, pc nextday] gave me weeks of hassel coz their support staff were sodding uselss.....when they couldn't help me fix my problems they just gave up and didn't even bother to reply to me emails! i tried and tried to get them to answer me but they never did!

  darrentruman 22:26 06 Oct 2006

I had the same problem with PCnextday. They tried to help me sort out some issues but they couldn't and they IGNORED all my later emails, so now I and all my friends and family don't shop with them any more.

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