steve1ooo 12:15 23 Sep 2006

Has any one purchased the Zoostorm Edge 5-7402 ?

(currently top of the power pc chart)

if so was it deliverd on time any problems ?

seriously thinking of buying it and would

appreciate any feedback.


  GaT7 15:05 23 Sep 2006

PC Advisor gave it a top rating in it's July 2006 review click here.

It was £1399 inc VAT at the time - so one would imagine it costs less now, which isn't the case click here, but still a good system for the money. G

P.S. Always helpful to supply a link if you can ; )

  darrentruman 17:00 23 Sep 2006

Sorry off topic, I just wanted to warn you about pcnextdays CRAP customer support. Spent weeks trying to get them to sort out a simple problem but they were hopeless and couln't help me!

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