PCIexpress... when?

  E3 17:39 04 Jan 2004

I’ve been wanting to purchase a new PC for some time now but I’ve been holding off because PCIexpress is just around the corner. My question, for anyone in the know, just when during this year should we expect to see the first PCIexpress PCs arrive at retail?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:50 04 Jan 2004

It will make little or no discernible difference and you will be royally shafted price-wise for what could be th Emperor's new clothes.

Unless you are totally bonkers on gaming splitting data into packets will make no difference, however if you are running GCHQ and a couple of Crays then there might be some difference. Still,if you were seriously into gaming you would be looking at 2/4Gb RAM (£250/500) and nitrogen cooling ($800ish).

Grab a Medion now, before PCW sell out.


  E3 17:58 04 Jan 2004

It's not the performance side of it I'm concerned about, but rather the obsolescence of current PCI hardware and the limited backward compatibility PCIexpress will offer. I can't afford to buy a new computer ever few years so I want something that'll last me and have as much potential for upgrading as possible.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:13 04 Jan 2004

My second computer was made in 1997 and runs like new.......you will never catch up with new advances.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:14 04 Jan 2004

....and it runs Office XP perfectly.


  E3 18:36 04 Jan 2004

My current computer was made in 2000 and it runs like sludge, uphill. I work with very large images for my work, and I'm also a gamer, although cutting edge isn't important to me I do need some 'oomph'.

I wanted to upgrade my current system, but the motherboard only supports up to AGPX4 and only has a 133mhz BUS speed so it's holding my whole system back - I could get the latest Radeon and it wouldn't really help me. If I were to replace my motherboard I my as well be getting a new processor for the new motherboard (so to use it's full potential) and I could have bought a whole new (more better) unit for the money I would have spent.

PCIexpress will be the standard for the next 10 or so years if the PCI standard is anything to go by. I know even with PCIexpress I'll always be lagging behind the latest systems (and if I keep waiting for the 'next best system' I'll be waiting forever) but I will at least be able to use more current hardware when I need to upgrade in 12-36 months time. In 2 or 3 years time the latest video cards, et al, will likely be PCIexpress only. If I were to buy a PCI system today I wouldn't be able to use that hardware when it becomes available (even in a limited capacity, like using an AGPX8 card with my current system).

So, back to my main question, any ETA on PCIexpress in 2004?

I vaguely remember a 2nd / 3rd quarter 2004 date for release (from Toms Hardware Guide I think).

Thats a long wait, also it will take a while for decent hardware to filter through post release and it will be expensive when brand new.

IMHO: don't let it hold you up. Worst case, if you need it then you should be able to pick up a mobo which is compatible with your current components and has PCI express.

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