PCI-E Graphics card for under £70??

  mark01348 11:52 24 Aug 2006

I just purchased a computer with the following specs:
Athlon 64 3200+ AM2
80GB SATA 2 Drive
1024B DDR2 533Mhz RAM
MSI K9NGM Motherboard
7.1 Built-In Sound

The computer came with onboard graphics (Geforce 6 6100 128MB Direct) but I want to purchase a PCI-E card. My budget is around £70. I have been looking at the Nvidia 7300GT as the GS model uses RAM to increase the graphics card memory. Could anyone make a suggestion on what you think is the best graphics card? The games I will be playing include the new Flight Simulator X and 2004 versions, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Ship Simulator 2006 and Half Life 2.
Also, I have a Creative 5.1 soundcard which came with my speakers in my old computer. Do you think this would be better than the Realtek 7.1 which came with the computer?


  Stuartli 15:51 24 Aug 2006

The Realtek onboard sound chipsets are excellent - just make sure you have the latest drivers from its website.

I've found that the difference between my Creative SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 card and onboard Realtek is virtually impossible to detect with my IBM 2.1 speakers; I switched to onboard sound as I required the PCI slot for another card.

Can't comment on PCI-E graphics cards.

  johndere 17:03 24 Aug 2006

Try click here and look at their own branded cards.

  citadel 17:29 24 Aug 2006

save a bit more and get a 7600gt.

  phoenix198 18:00 24 Aug 2006

If you can stretch to £88 - £90 the I'd have to agree with citadel and go for a 7600GT - Overclockers.co.uk have one click here for £88.07.

But if around £70 really is a hard and fast limit, then a 7600GS such as click here for £71.62 or click here for £69.98 would be a good bet.

  Cybermaxx 19:26 24 Aug 2006

I second Phoenix's recommendations! Was about to post a link to the 3D Fuzion card at Overclockers. £88 + £9 delivery (fast delivery, though!). It's well worth the small premium over the 7600GS.

  mark01348 19:23 25 Aug 2006

what you guys reckon about these?

click here


click here

I particularly like the BFG card. £60 inc Vat and P&P. Any views?


  Cybermaxx 20:01 25 Aug 2006

7300GS and vanilla 6600. Wouldn't buy either of those. Can't you just stretch to the 7600GS, at least?

  mark01348 20:13 25 Aug 2006

Yeh I think I could get the 7600GS, but arent they the cards which use system momory to increase the graphics memory?

  Cybermaxx 20:31 25 Aug 2006

No! The 7600 range don't do that. You're thinking of Turbocache cards. Some 6200 and 7300 models use that system, and it's best avoided. You want a card with dedicated video RAM built into it.

I really would recommend going for the sub-£100 7600GT. You woouldn't regret it!

  Totally-braindead 20:41 25 Aug 2006

I'm with the others here. You want the best bang for your money as it were and personally I think you should be looking for a 6600GT not the plain one you gave a link to but the GT version or a 7600GS which I have or if you can stretch to it a 7600GT.
For the cash you say you have I'd plumb for something like the 7600GS.

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