PCA's Nokia 3650 Review!!!

  Mysticnas 17:01 19 May 2003

Mr FE & PCA Ed'...

the bluetooth link up with PC's does work. I've tried it with both my 3650 and my bro's 7650.

It is a little tricky though. That little connection manager icon in the system tray, you need to click on that and open it up. it brings up a list of ports, most of which are virtual "COM" ports. I have had times when i couldn't connect the phone to the PC, but tinkering with the COM ports on that connection manager helps and sorts out the problem.

Apart from that, i've had the phone now for about 3months i think, and it's been more or less fine. There are a few probs like the occasional restart and lock up which i've experienced the odd now and then. There is also the annoying thing that when i sometimes want to zoom into my pics or play a vid it says that there's not enough memory to run this task, when in actual fact there's plenty of it!

I have it setup so that any software, pics, or vids get save to the memory card and not the phone, thus keeping my phone memory free for general running of the Symbian OS.

Me thinx it's a pretty nifty phone, for the past 6years i've always gone for the small diddy phones, so i thought i'd have a change of heart and headed towards this odd looking phone. the dial reminds me of the old style dialing landlines.

annnywaaay... this post is getting a little too long.


  Mysticnas 17:03 19 May 2003

i think that any gripes with software will be fixed with software upgrades, which you can get done for free at any Nokia service centre, thats providing you're still in your 1st year since the purchase of the handset.


  Mysticnas 19:58 19 May 2003


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