PCA takes the stickiness out of glue

  VoG™ 17:46 07 Mar 2003

I don't know if I've just been lucky, but I managed to extricate the Tiscali disk from the April mag without tearing the page.

Well done PCA - a breakthrough in adhesive technology.

  watchful 18:25 07 Mar 2003

What did you do with the disk? Any suggestions welcome.

  crx16 18:34 07 Mar 2003

from a week ago click here

  VoG™ 18:36 07 Mar 2003

Oops! I missed that one, thanks.

  lixdexik 23:39 07 Mar 2003

I missed that other post too.

WATCHFUL, they make good bird scarers for the garden if you hang them on a bit of string. very efective. I am running out of places to hang them now though. remember to take it out the sleve first,the card gets very soggy in the rain. {:-)

Cheers Lixdexik

  powerless 23:52 07 Mar 2003

I wasn't in the April mag, i got replaced by "guy" and "oliver" :-(

  VoG™ 00:02 08 Mar 2003


I got replaced as well and got (pretty well) pole position!

But I was more impressed with the (lack of) glue!

  cream. 00:05 08 Mar 2003


The old girl wants me to go to FOCUS \ DO IT ALL, tomorrow, to get a flat-pack thingy. WHAT am I going to do to stick the thing together. I have relied on this glue to keep wardrobes, chests of drawers and other objects in a vertical position for ages.

I think this is outrageous and call on all forum members to lobby PCA to revert back to the old " rip the page" glue.

As for poor Powerless, are standards slipping?

  Djohn 00:06 08 Mar 2003

Yep! picked my copy up the other day from local newsagent's and the dreaded disk fell out on to my foot!

From whom do I claim, tiscali, PCA, or Newsagent? ;o)

  VoG™ 00:15 08 Mar 2003

Don't do it. Claim or demonstrate ineptitude. Sorry I am too "tired" to find the thread where the FE told me not to breach this confidence in case wives found out.

DJ - You can't win!

watchful - I can't say. It involves bottoms.

  powerless 00:19 08 Mar 2003

56K in the bin, lol...

Mine still in the computer, just in case ;-)

I even answered Mr. Dixons email (or e-mail) ... :-(

I feel hurt...

Ah what the heck...

PC PRO here i come...

Joking, joking!

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