PCA suscription gift .... yes or no !

  setecio 11:38 08 Jan 2008

I was thinking of subscribing to PCA when I saw they offered the Brilliant Windows Vista book as a free gift with subscription.

Unfortunately a note below this says

>>>>Subscription Gifts are subject to availability. Stocks are limited and will go to the first respondents.

If PCA can't alter the web page when they run out of stock rather than having this 'will I or won't I get it' confusion then I don't think I'll bother.

A nice get out clause ... how do we know you didn't run out of stock 3 months ago ... why can't you just change the web page and remove the offer when you run out of stock ? It's not as if you aren't altering this site EVERY day anyway with news and articles etc !!

  tom_d 13:56 08 Jan 2008

Further to your comments, this is just to confirm that we have plenty in stock and so should you subscribe, you will certainly receive this as your gift.

Do please send me a private reply if you do and I can let you know when you can expect to receive it.

Kind regards

Subscriptions Manager

  leakyboy 09:18 10 Jan 2008

I am still waiting for an Mp3 player. This is the reply.They are now offering a wireless router!!
I suppose they could offer a free Rolex if they dont actually have any.

-- Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we are experiencing a delay
with is product . We are in the process of resolving this problem,
unfortunately, I am unable to give you a firm delivery date.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused and should you
require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Pippa Smith
Customer Services

  MAJ 10:22 10 Jan 2008

When I'm 50 years old in a few years time, I wont be buying over 50's life insurance because they offer me a free clock when I sign up (a clock to watch the rest of my life tick off, what's that about, lol). I'll buy it because I want the insurance.

When I sign up for a bank account, I don't do so because they offer ME £15 of M&S vouchers when I lodge my first £200, I sign up for it because I want it.

If you want to sign up for a PCA subscription, do so because it's about the best PC magazine around, do so because it's a great informative read, do so because it helps support your favourite forum, do so because sometimes you get great free programs on the CD/DVD, do so because you're afraid of missing your copy in the local newsagent. Don't just sign up because you get something for free when you do. I sometimes get the impression in this type of thread that some users wouldn't be too worried if the magazine didn't arrive as long as the free gift did.

  CatTrading 12:20 10 Jan 2008

It's a great marketing tool to offer something for free for taking out a subscription.
To be honest i would prefer a % off the magazine.
But some do rightly expect the offer that they are hoping to get when signing up!

  setecio 16:18 12 Jan 2008

Actually MAJ, that's your way of looking at it.

It's the book that I want and was going to buy it from Amazon, but saw it free with the sub.

The way I see it, I buy the book and get a few free issues of the mag ... if I like it I might continue the sub. I don't know if I will think it is a good mag yet.

I think a more fair tilt on your adice would be at PCA ... 'Don't offer free gifts if you can't supply them'

Thanks tom_d ... I'll be in touch if I don't receive it, but from what you say, I won't need to be :)

I signed up for the DVD version when my cd subscription expired. A FON router was offered as a free gift. No router was received, just a brief letter to say out of stock, not getting any more, tough! It would have been nice to have been offered something else instead eg whatever the latest free gift is to be but no, nothing.

I must say that it left me very disappointed as this has never been the attitude that I have perceived as being normal for PCA. Best bit is though that this month's mag is offering on page 157 a free FON router. Big con or what?

  Forum Editor 17:51 26 Jan 2008

It's not a "Big con" I assure you - we don't have a reputation for conning people.

These free gifts come from third-party companies - we don't have warehouses crammed with routers - and when stocks run out they run out - we make that very clear when we make the offer. Sometimes we are promised supplies that don't materialise, and we have to take the stick for it.

I'm sorry you feel so aggrieved, and I'll pass your complaint on to our subscriptions manager.

Many thanks for the prompt reply.

Usually I am not so cynical but seeing the ad just annoyed me. Not worth cancelling my subscription over it though! I do actually subscribe for the mag - an informative and interesting read for those spells when I'm parked up with a bit of time to spare.

  Newuser38 21:22 26 Jan 2008

Top of this page still offering a WiFi Router??!!

  ray_bid 22:04 26 Jan 2008

The router is also offered on the renewal invitation letter I‘ve just received. You may claim not to have a reputation for conning people and the fault may be down to third parties, but free subscription gifts failing to materialise seems to be a recurrent theme (yes, I too am still waiting for the MP3 player). The overall effect is to spoil an otherwise positive experience that the magazine offers.

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