Ventad 11:16 17 Dec 2007

I tagged this to the PCA SUBSCRIPTIONS thread but felt that I should probally have started my own thread. Probally because I am an old codger

Anybody else upgraded to DVD on the flyer that came with the magazine: "Upgrade now for 50p per issue outstanding = £3.50 then you pay nothing until your present issue Expiring on the 155 Jun08 finishes then extend your subscription at that point". I did this had the £3.50 upgrade taken out whilst 7 issues still to come then they took another £29.99 for another twelve issues making me 19 issues in front(which after nearly two months I got back and now they have raided my card for another £4.50. Telephone calls and a letter to a Jim Birch subsciption manager requesting it be returned go on deaf ears they even refuse to remove my card details from my account incase the want to use it. WHAT IS HAPPENING

  CatTrading 12:05 17 Dec 2007

Suggest you either PM the Forum Editor who may be able to put you in touch with someone at PCA who can help you.

  RickyC :-) 12:08 17 Dec 2007


I have asked our subscriptions bureau to contact you directly regarding this. Please email me directly by clicking on the yellow envelope to the left of my username if you do not hear from anyone before the end of today.

I'm sure we can get this problem resolved, and please accept our apologies for the irritation this has caused.

kind regards

Cover Disc Editor

  Ventad 12:59 17 Dec 2007

Thank you both for your responces and CD Editor I will certainly contact you if I am not contacted by the subscription department. again thank you.

  Forum Editor 17:11 17 Dec 2007

since Richard's last post?

  Ventad 17:14 17 Dec 2007

No FE havent heard anything, did send him an email at 1633 informing him.

  Ventad 12:50 19 Dec 2007

Is it just contempt from the subscription office to everybody, including those like yourselves FE & CDE who work from within.

I thought that my last problem which started with what might be termed another illegal transaction (i.e.: without my knowledge or agreement) from my card by IDG Communications on the 3rd December was finally going to be sorted. I was patient and waited for the impending contact to be made but NO ,no contact has been made. Even a couple of storm troopers inside the system can not budge them. I wonder how the promises to the other thread 'PCA Subscription' are faring.

They have my phone number, my email address and my home address, and of course they are very good on the telephone to say that it would be sorted and we will phone you up within the hour to say that it has been actioned but, they never do.

If I am not the only one they do this to and I do not know how many subscriptions they take, let us say 250,000 and they take £4.50 out of each account even for a month that equates to £1.125M
Interest free loan. so the "let’s see how long we can fend people off" pays!!!

  tullie 15:55 20 Dec 2007

I resolved the other PCA Subscription thread ages ago,and ticked it as resolved.If people want to add to it on the same topic,thats up to them,but you dont hijack someone elses thread on a compltely different matter

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