PCA Subscription

  tullie 17:38 08 Sep 2007

Just noticed that PCA are offering a router with subscriptions,however i thought the offer was for a mp3 player when i ordered.Can someone at PCA confirm that i will get the mp3 player as i dont need the router?

  [email protected] 18:45 08 Sep 2007

Hi tullie,
did you subscribe from the mp3 player page?

Ive just subscribed and asked the same question via E-mail to subscriptions and Tom Drummond.
Toms out of the office for a couple of weeks,but i should hear something on monday.
The mp3 player is out of stock at the moment,just waiting to hear when they are due in.

If you did subscribe from the mp3 page,there was a tick box preticked,stating please supply mp3 as part of my subscription.
I will post back on monday once ive heard something.

  tullie 19:41 08 Sep 2007

many thanks

  [email protected] 16:36 10 Sep 2007

had a reply ref mp3 player still out of stock with no firm delivery date

  bjh 20:43 12 Sep 2007

The MP3 player appears to have been out of stock for about six weeks now - they kept it on the subscriptions page as a freebie for a good three weeks after they responded to an email of mine saying they were out of stock. I'm a little concerned that they may never materialise.

A disappointment, I have to admit. I would not have taken out a subscription were it not for the offer. I prefer to choose what magazine to buy each month based on the contents. Oh well, you live and learn

  tullie 13:23 13 Sep 2007

Thanks for that,is it false advertising?
Bet the moneys gone out of account.

  tullie 22:41 14 Sep 2007

Notice that PCA are still advertising the mp3 player,even though they cant supply.Inever got a reply to my email,so there goes my subscription.And the moneys been taken.

  Forum Editor 23:51 14 Sep 2007

Our Subscriptions manager is currently on holiday, but I'll see if I can get some information from someone else.

  tullie 05:49 15 Sep 2007

Many thanks

  RickyC :-) 09:50 17 Sep 2007

Apologies for the delay in providing further information on the MP3 player subscription gift.

Let me first of all assure you that we do intend to honour those subscribers who have requested the MP3 player. As you may be aware, there are a number of different gifts which readers can choose from when they take out a subscription (wireless router, Vista book, etc.) and we can only hold a certain amount of stock at any one time. We had an overwhelming response to that particular subscription gift, and simply weren't able to cope with the demand from readers who selected the MP3 player.

When Tom returns from his annual leave, I'm sure that he will be able to provide some precise details of when readers will be able to recieve their gifts.

Incidentally, could you point to where the MP3 player is still being advertised, as I believed these had been removed while we wait for new stock.

Thanks for your understanding and patience,

Cover Disc Editor

  [email protected] 12:49 17 Sep 2007

Hi Richard,
The Mp3 subscription advertisement banner is on the absolute beginners page

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