PCA Renewals - Bit rude I thought

  Widow's Son 10:27 25 Nov 2008

I've had a subscription for must be 10 years, and every year the write out inviting you to renew and offering some freebe or another. Not this year though, just a curt invoice for £40. I thought that's a bit rude & ignored it & have just got another.

Obviously PCA don't realise that there is a credit crunch going on and we're all looking to make savings. Well they've put themselves top the list of luxuries I can do without.

Bye bye PCA

  I am Spartacus 10:52 25 Nov 2008

Maybe they do realise there's a credit crunch and can't afford gifts.

I must say that my BT, Leccy & Gas suppliers etc. are also a bit rude. They not only don't send me a gift they charge me more too.

  Widow's Son 11:51 25 Nov 2008

but the advertising revenue generated by a magazine is very much dependant on the number of subscriptions it has.

The difference between them and "BT Leccy & Gas" is that they need subscribers more than subscribers need them. They previously accepted this, hence the 'gifts' and PC Pro & Computer Shopper currently accept this (hence both can be had for a year for under £15 of Tesco Vouchers)

  Jameslayer 20:40 25 Nov 2008

I dont think its really that rude. Just bad marketing. I would cancel then resubscribe and get the new current gift.

  spuds 22:22 25 Nov 2008

As mentioned previously, cancel your present arrangement and re-subscribe, you will most likely get a free gift as a new subscriber.

Consider though that you might lose a copy, while your new subscription is being processed.

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