PCA readers give Christmas working the thumbs down

  wee eddie 22:45 06 Jan 2003
  wee eddie 22:45 06 Jan 2003

Statistically scewed research, as the site was down for a fair amount of the christmas holiday.

Possibly the PCA staff were not working either.

The catering trade and the entertainment industry were at full stretch.

As a news item it lacks conviction!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:57 06 Jan 2003



  crx16 00:05 07 Jan 2003

the bit that tickled me:

"One thing's for sure, most of those who took part in the survey were never too far away from their PCs — Christmas or not — with three readers actually logging on to the site on the big day itself. "

im sure that would of been very different.click here

  Pumas 00:24 07 Jan 2003

I would have logged on on the day if I could get on to the site.

  Forum Editor 01:44 07 Jan 2003

what the point of this thread is. I was certainly working over Christmas, and I wasn't alone.

It's not earth-shattering news that the site was difficult to access, but it was through no fault of ours, and these things happen.

  wee eddie 18:03 07 Jan 2003

While surfing the site I chanced on the "Latest News" column on the right of this page. I copied the thread title from the headline there.

It struck me as something of a tautology, as every time I tried to access the site over the holiday, it was down.

I was in no way commenting on the fact that the site was down, as to me these things are related to the Gods laps, rather than some technical failure.

I was only commenting on the possibility that if the site was down, the response would have been somewhat limited.

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