PC, X-Box 360 or PS3?

  Gamer555 21:09 04 Oct 2007

Not sure whether this is the right forum for this and it's a really stupid question I know, but...

Would you say that the Xbox 360 or PS3 is better for gaming than say this PC setup?

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 GHz 4Mb Cache
2GB Kingston DDR 667
500GB SATA Hard Drive
X-Cruiser Silver
Colors 550Watt Silent
320Mb Nvidia 8800GTS graphics card DX10
QC - ASUS P5N-ESLI 1333fsb-DDR800x4 SLI motherboard (Dual graphics)
18X DVD+/-RW (Samsung)
Floppy Drive - SILVER
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 PCI 7.1
Intergrated Monitor Speakers
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premiem (OEM)

Sorry! lol


  Totally-braindead 21:58 04 Oct 2007

In my opinion no. PC games can be better than the console equivalents and of course a PC can do more than a console.
Course a lot depends on whether you like using mouse/keyboard rather than the console controller but of course you can get PC controllers that are the same.
Only other thing I can mention is if a console is connected up to a high def TV the picture is amazing and in that case it probably would be better than the PC.
Having said all that I'm a bit biased and you can get PC games cheaper than the console games.
The big downside is that the PC may need upgraded in a year or two and the console wouldn't for longer than that.
Some will disagree with my opinions but as I said I'm biased towards PCs anyway.

  wolfie3000 00:28 05 Oct 2007

This really is a question only you can answer,

My advice for what its worth would be to consider what games you want to play and look at what is available for each option.

Consider the price of the games on each platform, online play, also the fact that a pc costs alot more and will need upgrading after a year in order for you to be able to play the latest games.

The advantages of a pc gaming [platform are obvious though, such as updates for games like maps cars ect....

Also the fact you can use it for other things.

But in the end its what suites you,

Try and play on each console to see if you like the feel of it and also try a few pc games too.

  jaymus 22:32 05 Oct 2007

I own both a PC and a PS3. The PC spec you list totally outperform the PS3. I play my PC so much more than my PS3. It has much more software which is always at a cheaper price. I have just finished Bioshock. There's nothing like that on the PS3. Resistance Fall of Man is bad. The Darkness is ok but not better than Bioshock. So stick with your PC everytime. I am still waiting for a killer ap for the PS3.

  jimmybond 00:39 06 Oct 2007

"spec you list totally outperform"

This is a reply from somebody that wants performance, framerates, killer graphics and the likes...to some people, gameplay is more than that - which is why Nintendo are now at the top of the console pile. weakest in terms of outright performance, but it has the games that suit the 'ordinary' punter who perhaps doesn't know what FPS stands for....

"PC wins every time"

so, if you had a bunch of mates round for beers on a Friday night, you'd rather crowd them all round your PC keyboard, than a Wii console hooked up to an HDTV?

It's horses for courses - you can't say one particular machine 'wins every time'. Clearly it won't.

  phoenix198 07:02 06 Oct 2007

".... My advice for what its worth would be to consider what games you want to play and look at what is available for each option. ..."

Then get all three, plus a Wii :-)

  erkmatrix 11:30 06 Oct 2007

Only trouble with PC games I find, even with a top spec mmachine is they are prone to crash. I know consoles too crash but not as often in my experience. Having said that I would still opt for PC as you have cheaper prices, enables better cheats on games if you are into finishing games with cheats, you can use it for loads of other stuff, and yeah easier updates on games. so what you may need the odd upgrade of your machine every year to play the latest stuff, thats a good thing too, its always getting better and newer higher spec consoles come out too so not much difference.

  SB23 18:40 06 Oct 2007

In my opinion, if its a dedicated gaming machine that you want, personally I would go for one of the consoles.
I love my pc for all of its uses, but have never liked playing games on it.

At the end of the day, its you that has to make the choice.

Good luck.

  FungusBoggieman 19:42 06 Oct 2007


  mrgadget007 19:50 06 Oct 2007

PC all the way
1.Upgradeable with many options.
2.Good supply of top games.
3.As for having your mates round for a night of gaming then set up a lan party and away you go.
Granted it means carrying over all your pc gear but its a lot of fun.
4.Xbox 360 buy a multiplayer game then you have to pay Microsoft an extra £5 to play multiplayer via Xboxlive what a ripoff. with PC you get it for free. Add to the fact my Xbox elite sounds like a jet engine sat by my TV its very very poor show by MSoft.
Personally I resent paying more than I need to play a game & most console games are over priced.
Ultimately its down to personal choice.

  malgall 20:54 06 Oct 2007

true pc is the best choice but in the end it comes down to money you can buy both ps3 and xbox360 for the same price as that pc

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