PENFOLD1962 16:22 02 Jul 2009

I've had problems with the so called 'TECH GUYS' and PC WORLD.

Instead of trying to explain all over again here's an email I've just sent to PC WORLD in ROTHERHAM (Parkgate).

Dear Mark Raybould,

To be honest I just don't know what to say or where to start!!!

I'm disgusted once again by PC WORLD and the very poor aftercare I have received once again.

As you know your so called 'Tech Guy' has passed my Epson R285 Printer, and stated that there's nothing wrong with it!

My complaint was that after a few days it always needs its heads cleaning, and it got to where it couldn't clean them enough for a passable print. From one set of inks it cost me on an average of about £5 per print!!!

I contacted Epson to see if they could help, and you have seen their reply to which I acted up on and bout the printer into PC WORLD (Parkgate Rotherham), the person who took the printer for me was my son and he was told that the Printer would be changed for a new one but couldn't that day because there was none in stock.

The day after your Tech Guy phones me up and says that theres nothing wrong with the Printer!!!
I then sent the Epson Reply to you, but he still insisted that there was nothing wrong with it!!!

We have since picked up the printer along with some proof prints that the Tech Guy had printed with my printer to prove that it was working!!!

I've examined the prints and also visited the sites where your Tech Guy printed them from.

Did you examine the prints? Did you examine the printer? Because they are terrible, no were near the normal Epson standard.

1. The black text is DARK GREEN!!!

2. The Motor Bike is a very strong green and black pic on the website, its blue and lime green on the Tech Guys proof!!!

3. He hasn't tried any of the TEST PICTURES that use all of the colours! theres no MAGENTA at all showing!!!

4. They are all very grainy to where they look pix-elated!!!

5. Not a Test Proof pic on a sealed paper or card!!!

6. The two photo images consist of the BIKE and one of a web page which is 72 DPI !!! not a proof of a stock image or anything!!!

I could go on even further but to be quite honest I'm bored of trying to explain to people who suppose to know their Job and professionals in that area.

I have used PC's, Printers, Scanners etc for the last 15 years now, I'm also a Graphic Designer with BA(Hons). I've always dealt with Epson because of their very high standard of equipment especially their 'PRINTERS', but I feel that they are wasting their time when theres PC WORLD
refusing help when someone needs aftercare with any product bought from PC WORLD.

I'm now going to contact Epson and also write a letter of complaint to the Head of PC WORLD, I have the names and job titles of the people I'm reporting and now the proof.

When I was looking at the printers in PC WORLD, I actually spoke to an Epson Rep, he recommended the printer and explained just how good it was and recommended it for the kind of work I do, I know its unusual to find someone as helpful and honest in PC WORLD but I must have been lucky that afternoon.

I also bought a full PC set up when I bought the printer and I've had problems with that too, the writer wouldn't write! I was told by the Tech Guy to back up all my work and take it in for him to look at, How can I BACK UP WORK when the writer doesn't work!!!

You may appreciate they way I feel right now, I'm just very disappointed in the aftercare or any care that PC WORLD offers and now taking the matter further.

A copy of of this letter will be forwarded to 'EPSON' and 'PC WORLD' (Head)


Thanks PC ADVISOR for giving us such a site, because without this customers just don't know what to really expect from PC WORLD/TECH GUYS.
It looks like there is quite a few upset customers too!
I don't expect anything to be done by PC WORLD because they would then be admitting that they are 'WRONG' in their compaints proceedure.

I'm not holding my breath.

  Pamy 16:41 02 Jul 2009

"I contacted Epson to see if they could help, and you have seen their reply"

Would be iteresting to know what Epsons reply was.

  papa lazarous 17:45 02 Jul 2009

Yet again, it seems to be a few individuals in certain stores that are letting the whole group down. There is absolutely no point in giving the printer back to you with such poor quality printout as you obviously will not be happy with it and the issue will not be resolved.
If this had been in our branch the printer would have been booked in and an exchange arranged with Epson. There's only so many head cleans you can do before you have to realise that there may be a problem with the head.

  qbie 18:06 02 Jul 2009

papa lazarous is right - if theres something quite obviously wrong with the printer, and from reading your post it seems there is, all the store has to do is contact epson and they would deliver a new printer to the store, usually within 48 hours if everything goes ok. I can't understand why he would be unwilling just to do that.

Actually, just out of interest, is the printer within manufacturers guarantee, or do you have a 3-year product replacement policy on it?

  Forum Editor 18:18 02 Jul 2009

if TechGuys ever admit that there's anything wrong with anything.

We seem to be seeing a lot of complaints, mainly along the same lines - consumer takes faulty product back to PC World and is passed to TechGuys. TechGuys test product and say there's nothing wrong.

Result- stalemate.

Now for the facts:-

1. Your contract was with PC World, you bought the printer from them, not from TechGuys, and not from Epson.

2. That means you deal with PC World, not TechGuys, and not Epson.

3. If the printer is faulty the law assumes that it was faulty on the day it was purchased, unless PC World can demonstrate otherwise, and PC World is obliged to replace it or repair it within a reasonable time.

It's a straighforward procedure, and you do not have to deal with anyone other than the retailer from whom you made the purchase.

  papa lazarous 19:00 02 Jul 2009

The technicians are exactly the same as before! It's like Marathons & Snickers!!!!

If Ford's service department changed its name to "Mr Mechanic", would you expect the sales advisors or maybe the receptionist to service your car because you bought it from Ford and not Mr Mechanic? Of course you wouldn't. Maybe it's the responsibility of the checkout operator to fix it as, technically, you gave your money to them?

If DSG choose to set up a seperate group of people to handle all of their repairs then so be it - so have thousands of companies all over the world. If you are saying that a company is not allowed to have seperate departments to handle specific tasks then that makes no sense at all.

The problem occurs when the INDIVIDUAL dealing with the issue makes the wrong decision. It is a sad fact that the world is full of stupid/lazy/selfish (tick all that apply) people who don't care about their customers, their job roles or the poor representation that they are giving of the comany that they work for. Unfortunately I am not allowed to correct people when I see examples of this type of behaviour and the people who are do not seem to have the same views as myself that it is this basic attitude correction that can shape the service given by the company.

Fact 3 only applies for the first 6 months. After that, the fault must be proven by the user. If the printer has been printing normally up to this point then it would be extremely difficult to prove this and must be assumed that the fault was not there at the time of purchase and has developed since.

Anyway, the fact remains that the printer should have been booked in and a repair/exchange sorted.

  spuds 19:08 02 Jul 2009

Epson have approved service agents in most towns, so it might be worth considering taking the TechGuys samples to one of these agents for their opinion as to 'Epson quality'.

If the agents agrees that the results are not to the usual Epson standards, then PCW may not have any choice but to replace the printer without further consideration.

Send a letter of complaint to PCW head office, and see if that changes attitudes!.

  PENFOLD1962 19:41 02 Jul 2009

Thanks everyone for your replies and advice I really do appreciate it.

I've not yet had any reply from either THE TECH GUYS or PC WORLD.

I've contacted Epson with a copy of the letter writen to PC WORLD, I'm now waiting for their reply and hopefully advice.

I forgot to mention the attitude of the Tech Guys too, and the way they spoke to my Wife on the phone this morning!!! Least said about that I think I'd love to take it up personaly with the guy if you know what I mean!

Cheers once again,

  PENFOLD1962 20:11 02 Jul 2009

I bought the printer on 7th Jan this year 2009, its been like this for a two months now but I can't afford to keep buying inks.


  lisa02 21:27 02 Jul 2009

I wish you luck.

I failed to get any where in trying to get my printer fixed and ended up dumping it at 7 months old, last November.

But to ease the pain I've directed family and friends away from DSG stores... lost sales of, I'd say, at least £5,000 so far.

  ened 07:53 03 Jul 2009

You could say: "life is too short....."

But I would not have let them get away with it - because that is what they have done.

Also because of the hassle I would have 'eased the pain' anyway!

It is all very well the guy in charge reclining in his plush office, enjoying a ludicrous salary, giving interviews about how hard times are and how he has 'combined' stores to improve the 'customer experience' etc.

He should get off his butt and sort this personnel problem out.

It seems to me it is a lottery whether you manage to get decent customer 'care'.

It shouldn't be!

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