Is pc worlds repair service...

  SJM_81 14:32 25 Mar 2011

..Limited to one pc repair per account?
I've been paying them 10 pounds a
month for about a six years now.
Anyway, my laptop has broke so time to
give them a call. I also have a second
laptop that has broke. I was wondering if
two pc's were covered, or at least could I
get a discount for them too mend the
second pc?

  onthelimit 15:04 25 Mar 2011

That's £720. Do you think you've had your money's worth? As far as your 'deal' with PCW is concerned, it should all be in the small print.

  wiz-king 15:18 25 Mar 2011

I would think so - it's the computer that is covered not the person.
If you search this forum you will find other threads relating to PCW.

  rickf 17:38 25 Mar 2011

Do a search here. I am sure it'll helpyou to make up your mind to continue or to terminate. £10/month for2 yrs? A lot of money. You can buy a spanking new up to date laptop for around £350/£400

  spuds 18:28 25 Mar 2011

If you have been paying them £10.00 per month for the last six years for the same laptop, then you might be lucky if they can still obtain spares?.

Are both laptops the same, and the details printed on your insurance cover documents?.

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