PC World/DHL Home Delivery Service

  mimram 08:48 14 Nov 2007

I have just spent the most frustrating fortnight trying to take delivery of a Belkin modem router purchased at PC World.

For some reason DHL seem unable to find my delivery address (a firm of Chartered Accountants in Hertfordshire to which I have 50 plus personal parcels delivered each year - everything from aftershave to dogfood!). Each working day since 2 November the router has been loaded on a van, toured areound Hertfordshire and returned to the DHL service centre each evening. Nobody attempts to contact me to sort out the problem and when I try to contact either PC World or DHL it is like swimming through treacle!

This morning I am cancelling the order with PC World - no doubt my new order with Misco will be delivered tomorrow morning as promised.

I am now going to be wary of anything that may be shipped to me via DHL Home Delivery (and quite honestly customer services at my usual suppliers, CCL Online, Misco, etc are far superior to PC World.

  laurie53 20:24 14 Nov 2007

I simply will not order from any company that "delivers" via DHL, because they don't.

(Deliver, that is).

  €dstowe 22:10 14 Nov 2007

I have a client in Canada who urgently needed a small package of original artwork from me. I usually use FEDEX but for some reason, this time I chose DHL. I went to their web site and filled in the on-line forms but was told by the site that the post code was incorrect for the country I was sending to (bear in mind that I've been sending packages to this same company at the same address for about three years). I double checked and saw it was correct so I tried phoning. After the half hour of swimming through treacle as described above, again I was told not only that the post code was wrong but also that they couldn't deliver to that city (Edmonton, Alberta).


Back to using FEDEX.

  mimram 08:03 15 Nov 2007

Seems it was not just me being unlucky!.

  neil-1225742 10:39 23 Dec 2007

as an ex dhl courier who has worked for the home delivery service all i can say is it is a poorly set up badly orginised shambles of an operation and is the main reason i am an ex dhl courier.

and mimram you are defienetly not the only one

but i must also say that its not necessaraly the individual couriers fault there are some good couriers out ther it more the way the whole operation is orginised

  laurie53 19:42 23 Dec 2007

As I've said in previous posts, I will not now deal with any company who uses DHL as a courier.

The ultimate idiocy was once when we were in the garden and the driver actually came into the house to leave a note on the table advising us that we could pick up from the depot, 50 miles away!

100 mile round trip for a packet costing less than a tenner? I don't think so.

On another forum I have seem similar comments about DHL from US consumers, so we are not alone.

One example of German efficiency not at its best.

  Bald Eagle 06:40 26 Dec 2007

A few days ago DHL delivered a package to our house. Thinking my wife had ordered it I signed for the box and took it to her. She hadn't ordered anything and it was addressed to me anyway! It had a security label on it saying that DHL had resealed the box. When I opened it there was an A4 sheet with my correct name, address and telephone number on it but not an invoice. Hence no return address. It contained a Polaroid made remote control for something or other, video? It is still sat in my house awaiting pickup.


  ronalddonald 21:00 22 Feb 2008

had same problem when i used amazon dhl couldnt find my address even though city link can, royal mail can, i live in london. i eamiled them but to no avail they coudnt deliver a free delivery so now i dont use them if fact there should a forum against them for the silly billy thigs tehy do.

I was interested to read the remarks about dhl's service. I'm doing some research into courier servcies and would love to hear from anyone who's got experience of being a courier.

  rickf 21:23 07 Apr 2008

I thought DHL was Australian.

  numskull 08:02 08 Apr 2008

I had to telephone DHL yesterday evening because they could not find my address! I know my postcode is not on many sat navs but it is on multimap and google maps. I shall see if I receive my delivery today as promised.

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